The Bearded Trend …

Those who have it wear it, those who want it grow it, and those who can’t grow it want it. The Beard has become the envy between men since the dawn of hip-hop greats Ricky Ross and SA’s very own Ricky Rick. However ever are different ways one could go about executing this look and not like the next Guy with a beard?

The Groomed Bearded:

Growing a full beard could be tedious, however investing in a pair of clippers and regular session with your barber will ensure your beard stays suave and well maintained. The use of a good faces scrub will ensure your pours stay clean and open even with all the heat from the beard.


Trimmed/ Tapper:

For the guy who enjoys being in trend yet still keep a trimmed and fitted look. A good after shave balm is essential, to avoid burns and cuts. The trick to a perfect trimmed beard is to smoothen the edges as possible. Try to avoid side-burns to keep attention around the mandibular surface i.e your mouth and nose. Key facts when trimming always go against the direction of your facial hair for a cleaner look.


Rough around the edges:

The most popular beard looks among guys, the untamed beard, grown fully with side-burns. Flatten the areas closer to the ear; this will give more emphasis on the fuller rounder beard around the lower area. Should you wish to tint your beard get a trusted colour which is not harmful on the face.

“Grooming made easy by Kgosi Modisane”