Kasie – The Betrayal. The Glory (Part 2)


One day, one day… I remember
Stones were soft, red knees shining stoeps bright like Sunbeam
Cobra’s sliding across shiny kitchen floors.
When old timers rode sticks and grannies sniffed Taxi’s
We pushed Ferrari bricks and lived in mud mansions.
Dusting of soles so that North Stars shine forever.
Before I had her FB profile i had her home address and the liver to face her dad.
They were the days of our lives but less soapy more dirty coz this is it, yizo yizo

Now times have changed,
We play house but these youngens aren’t “playing” house
Kids having kids with kids with old faces and big bellies.
Any given Saturday, death on the regular,
Reaper in our veins, too many wooden crosses on the side of the road.
We throw dust  and come the end of the day,
we pop bottles like we just buried the sun,
you just might not see tomorrow.

Till then you can keep living “the life”
We content with just being alive.
Keep your big car, we fine with just getting there
Enjoy your organic food, here you even have the seeds from my green
Your burb house is amazing but my mom said she’d rather not be lonely
Keep your therapy, moms tagging me in all her prayers
No nanny’s, our nation was built on the backs of grandmothers

Streets charred black by burnt dreams
But living without a dream is not for the faint hearted
It takes a lot right to live with so much wrong
So we keep walking in the rhythm of life
to the sound of the drum beat by those who came before us
Nothing lasts forever but my hood is going nowhere