A. Designed. Life. (Part 4)


Frustrated at his foiled plans, Mr. K tells his brothers that the diner is cancelled and that they should all call their significant others, currents or exes and hit the town.

Shirts pressed, coats swinging as they jump into their expensive cars and drive up to the VVIP entrance of the trendiest club in town. Mr. K informed his ‘friend with benefits’ Ms. T to meet him at the club and as they arrive, Ms. T is walking straight towards him, dressed to the nines. ” She never disappoints”  Mr. K thinks as he smiles warmly at her before wrapping his arm around her curvy derrière and gives her a warm deep kiss. Ms. T hits him on the head playfully with her clutch bag and they walk into the club.

Then he sees her. At first he couldn’t recognize her, she was mid laugh, head thrown back in flirtatious abandon. There was a twinkle in her eye he hadn’t noticed before and a feeling at the bottom of his gut that he had never felt.

At this point Mr. K had stopped in his tracks and Ms. T turned back to beckon at him, but he was fixated on Her.


Ms. A turns away from her current admirer and locks eyes with Mr. K. He has a glazed look in his eyes that she is so familiar with. “Hook and line” she thinks. she smiles at him, gets up from her seat and walks towards the stairs that lead to the rooftop of the club for fresh air.

Mr. K quickly snaps out of his euphoria and almost runs towards her. He catches up with Ms. A at the roof top and marvels at her beauty. He has forgotten about her faux sister story and the fact that he was annoyed that she stood him up. She looks breathtaking and all he wants right now is the beautiful conniving creature standing in front of him. They chit chat, order a bottle of champagne and spend the rest of the night and morning talking nonsense, politics, religion, relationships, futures pasts and presents.

Mr. K walks Ms. A to her car and kisses her on the forehead. He asks again if he can take her out to breakfast but she declines saying that she needs to go visit her sister, at which point Mr. K snaps out of his haze of pheromones and confronts her on her ‘sister story’ Ms. A maintains that her sister is indeed in a crisis but she didn’t have to see her the previous night.

Mr. K relents and bids her adieu.  His brothers left early, and reliable Ms. T assumed her friend duties and made herself scarce. “Ms. A played me good” he thinks,”… it was a simple play, all she did was be herself and have fun.

At this point Mr. K can’t stop thinking about Ms. A, and this is when he realized he will never let her go. He knew it when he saw her adjust her skirt as she ran into the restaurant where he met her. He knew it when she cancelled on him and he was feeling-some-kind-of-way, and he definitely knew it when she smiled right into his soul.

Ms. A smiles as she drives away, glancing at her rearview mirror at Mr. K who is rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand and smiling like a fool. She has also decided that he is the one. She is also secure in the knowledge that he will fall for her hook line and sinker if he has not already.

The next couple of weeks are colored by an array of art gallery exhibitions, movie premiers, breakfasts in bed and hikes. Ms. A has become a permanent feature in Mr. K’s life and vice versa. They both cant remember a time when they weren’t in each other’s lives.


Mr. K and Ms. A are having brunch at one of their favorite spots downtown. Mr. K looks at Ms. A as she bites into her toast and smiles. He truly loves this woman.

I love you

Me too

I truly do

Ahhhh you are so sweet my darling

Ms. A takes a sip of her tea and then gasps, dropping her tea cup in the process.

Writer: Jules