Conversations with Sithembiso Ndashe about Fatherhood …

We came across an interesting Instagram account called I Love Fatherhood. We decided to reach out to creator Sithembiso Ndashe to have a conversation around Fatherhood …

Marvin: What is I Love Fatherhood is about?

Sithe: It’s a national campaign that aims to inspire a nation of men to be hands-on, active, present dads who play their role when it comes to being a father. We want to promote responsible fatherhood so we can encourage young men, new fathers and men in general to understand the importance of their role as fathers. We want to teach men that raising a child is not the role of a woman alone but of both the parents. We aim to see fewer women raising kids on their own in our society. Most importantly we want to show the world that responsible fathers do exist today and that we are PROUD fathers.

Marvin: Are some men single fathers? How do they find single fatherhood?

Sithe: We have all kinds of fathers and the truth is it very hard to be a single parent wether it be from a man’s side or a woman’s side hence we promote that both parents play their part when it comes to raising a child.

Marvin: Do you believe that there are good fathers out there who are not getting recognition for what they do daily?

Sithe: Yes I do. Most of the time the only fathers who are discussed are absent dads or useless dads but the truth is there are a lot of amazing fathers out there who we aim recognise on a daily basis. We don’t do it to shine but rather because we love it. Most people think of fathers as just providers hence with this campaign we aim to have events that will recognise fathers who play their role in being the greatest fathers to our kids.

Marvin: What made you start I Love Fatherhood?

Sithe: I started this campaign because I started getting calls, messages from people wishing that their partners, baby fathers would be more like me and as a proud father I felt people should not be like me but rather it should be natural to be a father. I knew that I wasn’t the only great dad so I had to show the world that more men like me exist.

Marvin: Why do you think some fathers choose not to be involved in their children lives?

Sithe: There are many reasons. Some of them are just irresponsible. Some are just put in a corner, trapped being fathers when they are not ready. Some are absent because they cheated, have other families and find its not easy to leave that family or even discuss this with their current partners because they are afraid they will lose that family. Others are not given access to their children by their partners. There are a lot of reasons.

Marvin: Is your father around? Do you have a relationship with him today?

Sithe: My father is deceased. We had our relationship as a father and son. Sometimes it was great and sometimes it wasn’t but I love him still and he loved me. He was the best father a child could ask for even if he made his mistakes as no one is perfect.

Marvin: Do you have kids and how are they?

Sithe:  Yes, I have a daughter who is 3 years old. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. This campaign is inspired by the love I have for my daughter.