Marvin says… Be Addicted To Speed

If Ferrari evokes images of red sports cars then surely Lamborghini is synonymous with yellow supercars! The new Lamborghini Huracan fits into its image perfectly. A successor to the hugely successful Gallardo, the Huracan not only steals important traits from its predecessor but also features traits from the more insane Aventedor. On the outside the shape is very similar with the beastly looking LED lights being the only obvious differentiator.

On the inside the sharp lines continue, giving an edgy sense to the layout. More than any other modern Lamborghini, the interior looks and feels like a cockpit. It’s quite intimidating! The ignition is even similar to that of a fighter jet’s. The company still haven’t been able to shake off the Audi design feel though despite the materials being of a high quality. With the seat harness buckled in, the ignition being switched on lets a rather dramatic roar from the mid-engined 5.2 litre V10 before settling down to a friendlier roar, like a lion calling out to his coalition partner in the dark.

The pedals are quite sensitive. A soft nudge produces an eager shuffle from the electronic All wheel drive system. With 449kW and some 560 Nm, the sound of the Huracan awakens all the senses and possibly all the feelings that are associated with adrenalin. Like most Lamborghinis, the Huracan takes its name from a Spanish fighting bull. This particular bull became famous for its courage back in the 1870’s. Interestingly, Huracan is also the name of the Mayan god of wind, storm and fire. And you will need all your courage to tame this beast when it races to 100km/h in just over 3 seconds from standstill. In that moment, you are bound to feel hot and cold at the same time. The way it unleashes its power and speed is mind-numbing and so addictive once you get the hang of it.

And that’s the most beautiful part about the Huracan, you will eventually get the hang of it. It’s a lot more compliant than any other Lamborghini before it. The four-wheel drive, the handling, its not as insane as the models that came before it. It builds on what worked well in the Gallardo without compromising performance.

Being a super car, it is costly though. In South Africa you will pay in the upper echelon of R5 million for a new one. And that’s for the standard version! For that kind of money you could probably buy demo models of a Mercedes SLS, a Porsche 911, a Nissan GTR and an older Ferrari, say the F430 and come out with some change. So why would you by the Lamborghini over these cars with similar performance and appeal?

There is never anything quite like a Lamborghini and this one is especially good. Like the Merc, you get the fancy but non-user friendly doors, you get the balance of the Porsche, the enormous amount of grip in the GTR and the looks, prestige and performance of the Ferrari. Only the Lambo provides sheer drama though. From its looks to the way it drives, it is just phenomenal!

Writer: Katlego Modipane