A. Designed. Life

Hi, my name is Juliet and I’m an aesthete.

I am drawn towards the delicious, desirable, debaucherous and dandy and I would like to invite you into the world of ‘ The Designed Life’.

What is a designed life one may ask? Well, it is just that, a life lived and planed with a specific purpose.

We may call it a purpose driven life, I like to call it a Marvin Man kind of life.

The Designed life will be looking at the Marvin Man lifestyle, tackling architecture; where he lives, the cities he chooses to live in and what the critical elements in a home or office serve his life.

It will tackle the Interiors he desires, the feeling he gets as his brushes his hand over a plush leather sofa or sleeps in 600 count Egyptian cotton sheets, with or without his partner. The designed life will address the philosophies that govern the Marvin Man and his friends and will look at travel both local and international.

As a self-entitled Marvin Gal, I am used to a particular standard in life. I love my Marvin man and my Marvin man loves his Marvin life. Marvin is a man I love to hate, Marvin is a friend of mine, Marvin is my aspiration, inspiration, and lover.

When I pondered on topics for the designed life I looked at what I would find attractive in a man, what he would be drawn to in terms of his wants and needs, what motivates him, what he came home to and what he woke up for. A Designed Life will be tackling these aspects and more.

All lives are destined to be, some more than others and I say this because my Marvin Man has designed his life around that which will serve him, his ego and himself.

So I welcome you into the world of my Marvin man and his ‘Designed Life’