Adonis the Greek god of beauty and desire is my inspiration for this weeks post.

I thought I would take time out from immersing myself in the countless possibilities of the lingerie world and dedicate this one to the fellas.

Let’s be real here, as much as men love what women look like in luxurious lingerie or even a cute pair of basic underwear, it matters just the same to women what type of underwear their partner wears. Not our personal preferences can dictate what the men in our lives choose to wear it doesn’t hurt to have a little hope.

Right so let’s take a look at the options that dudes have in this underwear world and we must remember that as with everything comfort is key.

v      Boxers

v      Briefs

v      Boxer briefs

v      Thongs/G-strings

v      Jock Straps- specializes underwear for sportsmen.

v      Commando

We all have an idea of who we know that falls into anyone of those categories. Personally I prefer boxer briefs on my men, but then again it is also dictated by the build of said man. If that doesn’t work out, a man can never go wrong with wearing boxers. Anything else just doesn’t cut it in my world.

Again like I said it is not my decision. There was a time in my life where I encountered what I would call a not so viable underwear option on the male species. In a galaxy far away when I was a spring chicken of sorts, I used to date a dude who has forever traumatized me.  Without getting into the gory details, there was a day where I unfortunately discovered that dude (boyfriend at the time) was a g-string.

*blank stare and gasp* It’s cool I’ll wait while you decide to die now or later.

Anyway, I realized then that no matter what you’re reasoning is a man; you will never look good in a g-string. The only exception really should be given to male underwear models or any other males that probably look like the Greek god Adonis. *sigh* I can gladly say that I am so over the trauma of a man who wasn’t a model, prancing around in barely there underwear.

Come to think of it you guys are a bunch of lucky fish. It has somehow become socially acceptable the male’s species are allowed to walk around with their underwear showing although most mothers and grandmothers would disagree with what I’ve just said. Does the cool factor ever end? When is it unacceptable for a guy to be showing off his undergarments in public? Well not unless I can grab a bucket of popcorn and admire happily from the front row.

Writer: Nhlanhla Msimango