A. Designed. Life. (Part 1)

by Marvin

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Mr. K walks into the restaurant to meet his brothers for brunch. He is wearing his customary navy sports jacket, navy slim fit chinos, brown brogues a t-shirt and a pink pocket square to add a pop of color to his weekend ensemble. He walks past a table of fresh faced ladies. all dressed in a trendy off beat fashion. He catches the eye of Ms. P and smiles at her, she blushes and looks away. He walks towards his boys with a cheeky smile on his face. His brothers know, the game is on.


Throughout the brunch Mr. K and Ms. P exchange glances, stolen smiles, a wink? Mr. K grabs a flower from a vase on his table and gestures toward Ms P to follow him. Ms. P shyly gets up and follows him outside where he waxes lyrical about her beauty, her seemingly down to earth manner and how he and his brothers have been speaking about her non-stop. He politely asks if he could have her email address so they can keep in touch and she offers her cell phone number. Mr. K smiles.


Mr. K, like the Marvin Man he purports to be, keeps in touch with Ms. P. He does not text, he only calls her. He charms her, feigns a busy life and apologizes profusely when he (albeit intentionally) misses her calls or messages. A few days have gone by since they first met and he tells Ms. P that he has had a cancellation on one of his business trips, to some exotic location, and would love to spend some time with her in person. She agrees to his invite, why wouldn’t she, he is a gentleman after all, that is clearly worldly and well travelled.

They go for lunch, possibly the same spot they met, for sentimental value of course. It is only lunch because Mr. K does not want to come across too strongly. The purpose of this lunch is to suss her out. Her table manners, does she fit his lifestyle, is she a woman to only bed or a woman to woo? He proceeds to paint a picture to her of his lovely business and social life, his friends, their friends and their girlfriends. He goes as far as to invite her to a brunch he is having with his friends and their better halves the following weekend.

She agrees, why wouldn’t she?

“…it’s so early in the dating game and he wants me to meet his friends?” she ponders

“…I must be doing something right, and he is such a gentleman” she thinks.

Of note is that Mr. K is surrounded by Marvin Men, his friends eat, speak and live the Marvin lifestyle. They all have each other’s backs and this is one instance that is of no exception. The aim of the game is to get the girl.

The date/ meet-the-friends-brunch day arrives and Mr. K cancels and says that he can’t make brunch but as an apologetic gesture would she mind if he cooked her supper. Ms. P is ecstatic for diner is definitely better than brunch. Little does she know that this will be the setting for ‘The Greatest Play’ ever.


Ms. P arrives at Mr. K’s loft apartment, to find revelry. The door is wide open and she gingerly crosses the threshold. There is soothing jazz coming from the record player in the lounge, a few well dressed men are sitting in the lounge and conversing with Mr. K as he pulls the most delicious smelling roast lamb out of the oven. They haven’t noticed her yet. Mr. K looks up from the roast as he places it on his kitchen island and locks eyes with her. He smiles and holds her gaze for a fraction of a second longer than usual and walks towards her.

His friends all stand up to great her. One offers to take her coat and bag, another offers her a glass of wine. Mr. K introduces his brothers to Ms. P and excuses himself, promising her that she is in good hands.

As Mr. K tends to the culinary duties, he looks towards his fellow Marvin Men as they woo Ms.P for him. Everyone has a role to play. Mr. X makes sure her glass is always full, Mr. T takes a keen interest in her life, philosophies, religion, fashion, Mr. M keeps her in a jolly mood, by asking for musical requests, grabbing her for a little jig. The men are handling her for Mr. K.

He knows she is hooked.

Writer: Jules


  • Nhlanhla Bluebèrry Tshetlo

    Is that all?

    • George Matsheke

      More is coming next week, part 2 🙂

  • Puleng

    Iyohhhh ?????,,, it’s going down! The greatest play ever!!!

  • TheLooz

    Aaaaaah the greatest play indeed. Ms P…

  • FortuityLane

    I can’t wait for next week for the next instalment, and to be proved wrong about the message of this article. As a Marvin Man, I am excited.