Food: Leg Of Lamb Roast

There are few meals as impressive as a roasted bone-in-leg of lamb. Even though it’s surprisingly easy to prepare. Many home cooks find it a challenge.

It’s early in the morning, Chef Theo and I have a private gig and we’re looking for the perfect leg of lamb. (I mean a leg of lamb that’s just super perfect.)

I fully recommend WOOLWORTHS SAwith their meat selections, the best in the game.

For the cleanest-looking presentation, with a sharp knife score your lamb. (Ask your butcher, he/she may be willing to do this for you) – (usually WOOLWORTHS SA has it already trimmed for you) Drizzle your lamb with olive oil, and rub salt and pepper all over it, massaging it all over making sure you get into the score line. Roast at 160 degrees for 2-3 hours with garlic and rosemary.


Chef Loyiso Mtoba

  • Nina
    25th Jul 2018

    My black self wants to see Steak and Chops Spice…haaahaaaahaaa I have watched enough cooking shows to know S&P is seasoning. Looks yummy…

    • George Gladwin Matsheke
      28th Jul 2018

      I hate cooking I hope that maybe one day this feature inspires people like me to do more cooking

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