The Beginning of We Are Coming For Everything

2014 feels like another world compared to now, yet we are still dealing with the same challenges if not worse. We Are Coming For Everything as a hashtag to highlight businesses and black professionals who were taking on industries that have been for a long time closed off to us. The following year the hashtag became a community hell-bent on making it known that they will not be stopped no matter the circumstances against us personally and as a collective.

Our collective effort saw us establishing partnerships with GIBS Business School and Boston Media House. Our collective funded bursaries contributed to young people’s lives in an immeasurable way.  It has been 7 years of building the community and keeping the flame burning even though we the founders had to get real jobs because We Are Coming For Everything was a task handed to us by the universe to do it even it did not pay. 


We have since decided to take the full responsibility of committing a larger portion of our time to build this community and transform it into a viable social development business. What was just a hashtag is now a group of platforms aimed at producing content and media entities that serve our communities. The support from you and thousands of others who appreciate the work we do together has solidified our conviction to grow this community as a collective and from individual to individual.

The work  

We have established branded media platforms that communicate to different audiences at various stages of their lives. Marvin Magazine has succeeded in pulling together maturing men through its content focused on the growth of men intellectually, emotionally and personally. Every month we deliver a cover celebrating and highlighting men who are leading the charge in their chosen fields of activism. The latest cover features Nasty C, a young man taking on the global stage in Hip Hop music. See the article here. 

One of the least talked about pandemics unfolding in the country is substance abuse. COVID 19 has accelerated the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse. We have established to address issues of substance abuse producing content in collaboration with recovering addicts who help people deal with loved ones who have fallen into the clutches of drug abuse. More than drug abuse the website provides business and personal mentorship to young men and women who are seeking entrepreneurship skills as a way to deal with unemployment. 

Inside We Are Coming For Everything Group there are several other businesses to business entities specialising in digital media services and content strategy and production that sees us employing young people to assist businesses that aim to deliver meaningful campaigns involving our community. 

The Merchandise   

Over the years we have been able to fund our programmes such as scholarships and bursaries through the sales of merchandise. We are not more determined than ever to assist more people to access education and skills to change their lives and loves ones. In 2022 we will be offering more merchandise consistently starting with the Classic T-shirt for males and females cuts available in our online store. 

We are truly honoured but your continued support of the movement and we are sure that going forward we are alone. You are what gives We Are Coming For Everything meaning and progress because without you we will lose. But here you are with us, and we are affirmed that We Are Coming For Everything.