Think About These Before You Start That Business


There is always that exciting feeling that makes you enthusiastically feel like you have it all figured out, whenever you take a bold and courageous step to become an entrepreneur. The reality is that when you are still in the idea and conceptualisation phase, you actually don’t know much about the operations of a business in all its multi-dimensional spheres.

If your business idea needs only money to actualize, then it simply means you are not ready for the business world. And I am sure you are now probably wondering how you could possibly purchase that equipment or even raise start-up capital, without the actual money. Well, to begin with, go for what you can do and are passionate about even in your sleep. And do not allow that unavoidable thought of the money you could potentially make (i.e., if you had sufficient funding) to be the only motivation because money alone will not produce anything without passion and drive. There is a resonant quote which states: “The poorest man on Earth is that one that has money only and nothing else to offer”


At the tender age of 13, I knew I had to be doing something which aligns with my passions as opposed to working for somebody else by the time I turn 25 (and don’t get me wrong, this is in no way of ridiculing those who have aspirations to forge careers as employees), I knew there wasn’t anything the employment pool would give me aside from a paycheque to ‘sustain me.’ We are all uniquely created, and for one to take the entrepreneurial route, they must to a certain extent, be out of their logical mind. It is so strenuous, at so many levels of your life. You have to be comfortable at not winning in everything. Either it is at being a parent, a partner or a friend, or even a sibling. It requires one to agilely go after all their aspirations, trying all ideas and exhausting them until you find a few that yield results. Better yet, you learn the importance of diversifying because your core business may not serve you in all cyclical seasons. Unless you are doing business in certain industries that aren’t negatively impacted by seasonal changes such as the funeral undertaking, alcohol-serving or making, education, and rental space. Not forgetting the transportation business. But then, we live in a world now where you could literally be in a dungeon, and all you need is good network coverage and a smart device, and anything and everything will instantly be disposed at your fingertips.

And also, to those who are already actively pursuing entrepreneurship but are struggling to raise capital for that ultimate business project, my recommendation is that you should make use of all the resources at your disposal, as long as they are within the parameters of the law. I started my first business by trading my services to gain equipment, and since then, I have found other ways to supplement my new ventures. Coming back to my initial point, on whether your entrepreneurial seeds are going to only require to be watered with money to bear fruits? Then you might not get a chance to ever starting a business.


  1. Seeing that we live in volatile times where employment is near impossible, use your natural talents gifted to you to make a living.
  2. Money alone isn’t the answer to all your life problems. You have got to think outside the box.
  3. Your natural gifts are your commodity or currency. Price them well. And that comes with knowing your value.
  4. Don’t be afraid to try everything out. Your shortcomings become your proofing into your next successful venture.
  5. Your network is your net worth.  You want to hang around people that will impact you in a way that can breed growth.
  6. You must have audaciousness to dive into business. It ain’t for the fainthearted. But, man! It’s so worth it.
  7. Last but not least, always know your WHY and let it not be because of flaunting material acquisitions.

Teboho Lebohang Mphuthi is a woman of shapeshifting roles and talents: writer, model, entrepreneur and student of life and its mysticism. She will be writing more insights about life and business.

Article edited by Gugulethu ‘GK’ Khoza  PHOTO BY @NABA_ABOLOVA