Shell Helix Power Shop Launch – Are You driven Enough To Have Your Own Shop?

The nation is facing many challenges ahead on the journey to rebuilding the South African economy. Shell continues its unwavering commitment to nation-building in South Africa by playing its part in ensuring communities become vibrant centres of economic activity.

When Minister of Small Business Development, Minister Ntshavheni, announced the roll-out of the Automotive Aftermarkets Support Scheme in May 2020, she noted that in 2017, there were just over 1800 accredited service providers in the market for motor body repairers and services and these excluded majority of mechanics and motor body repairers in the townships and villages. She went on to state that the prevailing economic conditions in South Africa will increase demand for cheaper motor services and motor body repairs, and thus creating a demand for reliable vehicle service at an affordable rate.

The Scheme’s aim is to offer financial and business development support to motor body repairers (panel beaters) to operate accredited small /independent panel beaters (motor body repairers) centres. The scheme also aims to support motor mechanics and other mechanics to operate authorized service centres, and in turn, support the small and independent auto-spares shops to operate profitable auto spare parts centres.

“Our team was inspired by the aims of The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme launched by the Department of Small Business Development. We know the importance cars have in the community, from helping people to get to work, to bringing friends together, and we know there is a thriving informal automotive repair sector across our country, that keeps their community’s cars running. They need our support, not only from a financial perspective, but in terms of guidance on how to run their businesses, and how to tap into distribution in order to more easily access quality products at affordable prices, so they can continue to keep the costs down for their customers,” explains Hloniphizwe Mtolo, Country Chairman Shell Downstream South Africa.
“Additionally, entrepreneurs operating within the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) sector of the South African economy are vital to the future development of the country. It is said that this sector of the economy, is essential to providing job opportunities and helping to reduce unemployment in the country,” explains Mtolo.

Are you driven enough to have your own shop?
Since 1982, Shell has been supporting small businesses and young entrepreneurs to start and develop their businesses by offering training, mentorship, and business incubation, and will continue to do so. Preferential procurement and enterprise supplier development are cornerstones of Shell’s efforts to promote black business and encourage entrepreneurs to become part of Shell’s extensive value chain.

By introducing Shell Power Shops into the community, Shell is empowering local automotive repair businesses to access the ultimate engine performance of Shell Helix oils and lubricants more easily in their community, and at the same time, either become a distributor or support other young township entrepreneurs by allowing them to buy from local distributors.

Shell Lubricants is on a journey to power the drive-in every one of us to succeed and make a difference to our community by providing access to opportunities to partner and develop the next community of entrepreneurs, ensuring that there is support on all fronts to ensuring those dreams come to reality and that the Shell brand means something personal to every South African citizen.

“This is not just an ordinary opening of a new site but the start of a critical part of our strategy to make a meaningful impact in local communities; this means we are not just a well known and loved global brand, but we are intimately relevant to powering what drives the individuals in the communities we operate,” explains Ade Ajala, General Manager Global Commercial & Director Shell Downstream South Africa.

“Shell is continuously amazed by the spirit and drive of South Africans to succeed, fighting through adversity and challenges to ensure a better tomorrow. So, with the team we have challenged ourselves to see how we could play a bigger role in the communities in which we operate,” continues Ajala.

Everything starts with a seed and Shell believes this is the first seed that will blossom into sustainable businesses across various communities. Through the Shell Power Shop programme, Shell will provide branded containers, sales, and marketing support to enable entrepreneurs to attract customers, drive sales and loyalty, and run exclusive customer promotions and loyalty programs.

“Our success is not only measured by our growth, but by the growth of the individuals, small businesses, communities and partners we work alongside every day, and so we’re very excited to meet the entrepreneurs who will be applying for the Shell Power Shop opportunity,” concludes Mr Mtolo.

If you are driven enough and you have a township-based automotive business, you could run your very own Shell Power Shop in your neighbourhood. Demonstrate what powers your drive and tell us where you want one and you could be the next proud owner of a Shell Helix Power Shop. Applications to be sent to or enter here