Exploring The Country With The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

For the longest time this vehicle has been a military vehicle manufactured by Mercedes Benz, that was used during the war in Germany. Even back in the 1970’s it had an odd shape that looked like a square box and it was popular with those who loved the outdoors and off-road. Fast forward to today, the car is synonymous with Kim Kardashian and it’s a mommy car in Sandton and its the most popular luxury SUV you can find out there. When Mercedes Benz called to say that they will be dropping off the latest G63 AMG I got excited. I had never driven this car before even when they launched it, I was not available, Tshego reviewed the car for Marvin. So this was my first experience with the car and the first time driving it.

As Natalie from Mercedes Benz drove down my complex you could hear the beast prowling it’s way up the maze like driveway at my residence. You underestimate the size of the vehicle, it’s big, and you wonder how do short people drive this car, can they see beyond the bonnet? I always take the cars I review to the township that I grew up in, which is Alexandra township and I do this for two main reasons really; firstly, the hood always tells you how black people relate to car, whether it’s confusing or the wow factor, their reaction lets you know what they think about the car.

With this car what I discovered is that it’s almost everyone’s dream car and it doesn’t matter the demographic, 90% of the people love this car. If they don’t, they admire the car and maybe because of its size and the noise it makes. Either way the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG doesn’t ask for attention it demands it and it gets it and does whatever it wants with that attention. Most of the times the car announces you to wherever you are driving to because of the beast-like sound that it makes when the car is on, it doesn’t help that there is also a button to make it even louder just in case it’s not loud enough. Everywhere I went in the township either people put their hands on their head with disbelief or they whistled while others hooted to compliment the car.

The engine of this model is a 4.0 liter V8 BiTurbo which replaced the previous version which was a 5.5 liter BiTurbo and this version is the better update as well, besides the cosmetics update that you can see. One thing you get to appreciate with the car is the luxury that it comes with because at the end of the day it is a Mercedes Benz. It feels like you are protected from the outside world when you drive this car, it gives you the feeling that there is you and then there is everyone else.

The technology in the car has everything you can think of; from  about five seat massage options which do come in handy while driving long distance. Another option that I enjoyed was the seat dynamic feature, which mean that the seat holds you closer when you take corners at a high speed. The sound system and the connectivity of the car is flawless and I love that Mercedes Benz updated the dashboard and made it similar to the A Class, the only thing I didn’t like was that it’s not touch screen. The boot space at the back is enough for anything big to travel with you, even though I thought that there would be space for maybe additional seats at the back as part of the options… but that’s just me.

The car is overwhelming on the road for everyone else but not for the person driving it. It has presence, it’s a beautiful car, you can take it off-road and it will also last you longer as a classic car. Not everyone can afford this car but everyone one wants it.

Agency _ MARVIN for Mercedes Benz, South Africa
Producer _ George Gladwin Matsheke
Art Director _ George Matsheke
Creative Directors _ Jeffrey Rikhotso & George Matsheke
Automotive Photographer _ Jeffrey Rikhotso
Assistants _ Matimba Rikhotso
Videography _ Thabo Lakey
Drone Operator _ Darren Jacobs
Post Production Artist _ Jeffrey Rikhotso
Location _ South Africa, Mpumalanga Province