6 Tips on How To Successfully Work From Home

I work from home every single day and with our temporary world climate that’s going to be a growing reality for a lot of people. For some this may be new and daunting and you might wonder how to structure your day. Here are my 6 tips of how I successfully work from home and manage to get a lot of things done

1.) CREATE A TO DO LIST : This is the most important thing I do – I write everything I plan on doing for the day down all the way to the most minute tasks like texting someone back.

2.) CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE : For me I dedicate 7am- Midday to responding to mails , doing some house chores etc

3.) HAVE A DEDICATED WORKING SPACE : This helps a lot with not being distracted and creates a structure that one would normally have in an office space. I avoid working from my bed or couch too often but do what works for you. 

4.) SET CLEAR BOUNDARIES : This goes for yourself and people in your life. Maintain normal working hours this is important because you are ultimately working with other people and respecting people’s time and communicating with other people during their office hours is important to ensure you maintain good relationships and productivity. 

5.) TAKE BREAKS : It’s important to get some fresh air or do something you like or even watch a movie from the tv – nothing to excessive otherwise you will starting pushing the time out.

6.) MAINTAIN GOOD EATING HABITS & MOVEMENT : I don’t know about you but I can easily fall of the bandwagon with this. Create meal plans if you should and ensure you are taking all the vitamins you need. You can easily feel sluggish from bad eating and that will affect your productivity. Moving your body is also important so you can do some home yoga or download apps with some workouts that you can do – road running is also a nice alternative if you have cabin fever.

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