Big Bodied Benz: Mercedes Benz CLS400d

The Mercedes Benz CLS is one model that still has presence and I believe its a better model compared to the E-Class. So when the people of Mercedes Benz dropped off the latest Mercedes Benz CLS 400d I was rather intrigued by this car and what it has to offer. Firstly, I’m happy that I got the diesel version, like I’ve always said there is always something nice about a diesel car besides fuel efficiency. I think this car is for the crazy ones, the odd ones that don’t want to be like everyone else within the Mercedes Benz family, the CLS is definitely the car. An athlete with a strong personality, its contours suggest sportiness. The details provide confirmation. Whether by the high, arching beltline, the extremely low side windows , the two-section tail lights or the broad shoulders, every inch of the CLS shows how sensual athleticism can be. The front section of the CLS is self-confidently inclined forwards. The particularly slim headlamps are not only as bright as day, they also radiate sporty dominance. The radiator grille opens out towards the road, in the hood they call this car ‘Ray Donovan’ because of the series of the same name. Now that I think about it, the CLS has a mafia feel to the car, its not an E-Class and it’s not an S-Class either but something in between, something different,but still has the Mercedes Benz qualities…this car is not for everyone.

Mercedes has never knowingly left a niche unplugged (how else would you explain the G-Wagen Landaulet?). It was with the first-generation CLS that Mercedes claims to have pioneered the concept of a car that “combines the elegance and dynamism of a coupé with the comfort and functionality of a saloon”. In other words, a swoopier alternative to a traditional saloon, or a marginally more practical alternative to a two-door coupe. It’s the better looking saloon after the S-Class and it also embodies the younger version of what an S-Class would be if it had a younger brother. Mercedes Benz CLS400d feels like you are driving a spaceship with ambient light making driving at night even more joyful. Fuel consumption of the CLS400d is rather impressive, I was doing 7-8 liters per 100km which is definitely better than the G63 which was about 35 liters per 100km. The more I drove the car, the more I’m beginning to question the E-Class, because in my eyes the E-Class has been struggling to stay relevant and once again the CLS is becoming the better option. 

The CLS 350d 4MATIC engine is good for 286 hp and 600 Nm of torque, in the CLS 400d 4MATIC you get 340 hp and 700 Nm of torque. The 450 4MATIC comes with 367 hp and 500 Nm of torque. The range topping CLS 53 AMG gets a 3.0L inline six turbo engine with an output of 429hp and 770nm of torque. This car is not for small boys, but rather young men who are looking to stand out from the crowd; even if you are driving the CLS53, trust me when I say that the 400d with an AMG package is enough to turn heads and give you the confidence you require. The CLS400d has enough boot space, I was able to fit in myself and my sister in the boot and we were comfortable enough because there was still room to move around, it’s about 520 litres. The backseats are comfortable and three adults can sit at the back comfortably. The verdict is that I’m in love with the CLS400d, it’s a good buy if you can afford it.

  • Price: R1 194 834
  • Engine: 2.9-litre 6-cylinder turbodiesel
  • Gearbox: 9-speed auto
  • Fuel economy: 6 L/100 km (claimed)
  • Power/Torque: 250 kW/700 Nm
  • Performance: 0-100 kph in 5 seconds (claimed)