David Tlale Collaboration with Avon

A ground-breaking partnership has been unveiled where the rich heritage and brand ubiquity of a global beauty and personal care brand has been combined with the desirability of a couture brand. The world’s fourth biggest beauty company, Avon, has announced that it has partnered with leading fashion designer David Tlale to produce a collection of accessories that will be exclusive to Avon customers.

This partnership is the first of its kind in the Avon South Africa world. The partnership is a response to feedback from Avon Beauty Representatives and Avon customers who have been clamoring for a local icon to increase the allure and attractiveness of the brand.

The collaboration will give Avon’s aspirational customers, particularly the youth, the opportunity to directly purchase David Tlale’s exclusive line of accessories including a scarf, a tote bag, a sling bag and a pair of sunglasses. In addition, the collaboration will also add glamour to the brand and increase the earning opportunities for Beauty Representatives who have expressed their desire to sell aspirational products that are demanded by increasingly discerning young customers.

The collaboration also bodes well for Tlale as it gives his brand greater exposure and allows the fashion icon to tap into Avon’s expansive customer base.

“We are excited to collaborate with Tlale on this venture as we believe that it gives our trend-conscious customers the opportunity to accessorize with the most desirable pieces by one of South Africa’s most iconic designers. As Avon, we are bringing the catwalk to the sidewalk. This partnership harnesses the synergies inherent in each of the brands and demonstrates what can be achieved when two household names join forces. David Tlale is an aspirational brand that resonates with many discerning and fashion-savvy customers, particularly young people.

We are excited to embark on this journey with the David Tlale brand and we look forward to bringing his magic to everyone, from the streets of Soweto and Gugulethu to the boulevards of Sandton and Camps Bay. Through this partnership, we will be offering our customers the trendiest and most fashionable accessories that have, until now, been out of reach for many of them,” says Momin Hukamdad, Executive Commercial Marketing Director at Avon Justine.

Hukamdad says Avon’s association with this beloved household name will add chic glamour to its brand offering and will also enhance the earning opportunity for thousands of its Beauty Entrepreneurs across the country who have been appealing for the brand to add aspirational products to its product lineup.

Over the past few months, Avon had embarked on a successful drive to recruit more Beauty Entrepreneurs and expand the pool of women who will benefit from its earning opportunity initiatives.

“This is a win-win partnership that will benefit our customers, empower our micro-entrepreneurs and increase the visibility of the David Tlale brand,” says Hukamdad.

Hukamdad says that it is critical that Avon should explore innovative ways of supporting its Beauty Entrepreneurs to mitigate against the challenging economic climate and spiralling unemployment rates.

“This partnership represents an enhanced earning opportunity for our Beauty Entrepreneurs who are the engine of our growth and revenue generation. We believe that this partnership, coupled with our improved e-commerce platforms and digital touch points, will go a long way in enriching customer experience and bolstering the sales efforts of our associates,” Hukamdad concludes.

This exclusive collection is available to purchase online at www.avon.co.za, or through a local Avon Representative from the 1st March. Early access and orders can be done at www.avon.co.za/davidtlale to also get your order delivered for free.