The Perfect getaway in Fairmount Zimbali with Range Rover Velar

Living your dreams can take a toll on your health and a lot of the times we don’t rest enough because the world we live in doesn’t always allow you the break you need to be able to perform the best that your body can allow. When the opportunity to travel to Zimbali with the latest Range Rover Velar came to us, we definitely took the opportunity with both hands.

Range Rover Velar 
For the trip we got the Range Rover Velar D300 which I believe is perfect because it will be easier on fuel, considering that we were not in a rush, cruising is what we were going to do. Velar is the best looking Range Rover of all time, it’s beautiful from all angles and it has the latest technology within. From the grill to the backside of the car it just adds up, with 558 litres of boot space, this is the ideal car for a family road trip and everyone will be comfortable. Range Rover Velar is a pure luxury car and with the D300 you get everything from a sunroof, 19” alloy wheels, good sound system, heated seats, door mirrors, flush door handles, automatic LED headlights with levelling and rear fog lights. The interior is fitted with an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, illuminated vanity mirrors, front and rear cupholders, interior lighting and a 40:20:40 split rear seat.  It also has the Range Rover Velar Touch Pro Duo system that incorporates two 10-inch touchscreens housing the infotainment system that allows you to have access into how the car drives and how many litres you have used on your journey.


Fairmont Zimbali Resort
We have stayed at the Zimbali lodge before but not the hotel, so this was going to be our first Fairmont Zimbail Fairmont Hotel experience. We arrived at the hotel just after the sunset and we were met with smiles and warm hands by the staff there. We checked into the Deluxe Garden Suite which was exquisite with a tranquil, to die for a view overlooking the ocean. The Deluxe Garden Suite presents an impressive full kitchen, partitioned from the dining areas by sliding doors, a lounge and dining area that leads onto a large patio being the perfect setting for an array of views, including the ocean, gardens and the main hotel pool.

We had pre-dinner drinks at 31 Degrees – located on level 5 in the lobby, where there was live music just before we headed for dinner. We were exhausted and we just wanted to crash indoors instead of going to dinner so we ordered in for the night and I will tell you this about Zimbali’s food; it’s the freshest food I’ve eaten in a long time, it also doesn’t matter what kind of food they serve it’s always fresh and this is from seafood, steak, chicken etc.

The team from Zimbali had a full itinerary for us while staying there. We headed out for breakfast at the Coral Tree Restaurant. We then went to check out the Valley of the Pools inside Zimbali and that’s where we also went to the beach just to chill and take pictures. I always wanted to take shots with my latest obsession, Versace Eros Flame fragrance, I can’t leave home without it. There is nothing better than smelling good and being complimented for smelling good. We are also running a competition give away for Versace so have a look at it on the Marvin Mag app or the website.

We were invited to explore the hotel, inside and out. We then made our way to the Beach Club and I must say the ambience at the Beach Club is spectacular, especially when the weather is playing along. The food was very fresh, and we were spoilt for choice.

We had an appointment at the spa where we were treated to a 90-minute Aromatherapy massage each at Willow Stream Spa, sometimes you don’t know what you need until you receive it. It felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders, also I passed out during my session. The Spa offers the utmost relaxation with professional staff – a great escape and healing session.

We went back to the hotel to rest a bit then off we went to pre-dinner drinks at Vinum where we had cocktails that included a teabag in them, the teabag was added for colouring and flavour. We were having so much fun we ended up ordering our dinner from Vinum and I had the freshest steak ever, this is what we call fine dining. After the cocktails did their job on us, we called it a night.

On Sunday we had in-room dining breakfast, this was prepared and delivered to our door. The service at Zimbali is impeccable, you indulge your every whim/desire. Our rooms were cleaned at least three times a day, there was someone who came in just to close the windows and curtains at a certain time in our room, I have never experienced this type of service before. On this day we were tired as a result of the past two days activities and we decided to take it easy with the itinerary.

We went to Gateway Shopping Mall for some shopping and then headed back to the hotel for lunch at the Bite Pool Bar and Grill. We sat around the pool while enjoying the fresh chicken strips which we couldn’t get enough of with a cocktail on the deck as well. What I loved about this trip is that everything was at our leisure, the service is out of this world. Everything about our trip was perfect and nothing short of spectacular

As soon as we were done with breakfast, we thanked the staff at Fairmont Zimbali and got into the Range Rover Velar for the relaxing trip back to Johannesburg. This is how holidays should be, where you are left with nothing but a happy smile on your face. This trip was magical.