Your Style Guideline by Polo South Africa

Last year we did a feature on Marvin “Your Style Guideline to Vodacom Durban July 2018: It Is Time” and what we did was to show you how to dress for the July for both the Saturday and Sunday. So this year we decided to attend the Vodacom Durban July 2019 and see why the people of South Africa love the VDJ.

The people of Polo South Africa have been good to us by dressing me for the event which I really appreciated as it was my first time at the event. We went into the store in Sandton to pick the clothes for the weekend and I met a guy named Siya who helped me with picking the perfect style for the weekend. I was looking for something that stood out, but not too much that I look out of place and therefore colour was going to be very important. He went to the back and brought out this red suit which was the last one and as soon as I saw it I was happy.

Now I’ve always seen gentlemen pull off the polo neck and suit look so well, that I also wanted to do the same – because it’s so classic and it fits in anywhere you are placed. There is something distinguished about it that it’s very hard to get it wrong. What also helps is that I’m getting a polo neck from Polo. To finish off the look I got the Men’s Lace Up Toes Formal Boot – I’ve always wanted to get a boot. I was happy with the Saturday look. Now to get the casual look right, Siya got me a navy blue china that fitted me very well, got a golf tee and Polo sneakers as well. Added a  winter coat that I’ve always to wanted to go for and my look was complete.

The trip to Durban was smooth, we left early in the morning so that by the time the sun was up we are already two hours away from Durban. On the road, all you could see were fellow citizens on their way to VDJ and you could see that because it was convoys of expensive cars. We eventually arrived and checked in at the place we were staying at and collected our media passes at the Greyville Racecourse, by the time we got there at 11 am everyone was already there waiting for the gates to open. We checked in and had some lunch as well, then got ready to go to VDJ and as we entered you could feel the buzz and commotion of all kinds of people, we went upstairs where media is hosted but that was not where the action was so we went on the ground with the people. You see all types of different people, from ones who are there for the fashion, ones who are there for the horses and ones who are here for the vibes. Also, you see all different types of famous people as well, who just wanna mingle with the people because it’s such a vibe, I get why the people of Durban love this event so much. It brings people together and everyone is just happy to be there and that is what sport does for this country. If there is any time where we put our difference aside is when we have to support the sport.


The final race was about to begin and the horses and jockeys parade to the starting line. You notice that all the jockeys are very short men and women. It makes sense because weight and lightness are required to help the horse win the race. The horse that won the race is named “Do It Again” apparently it won the race last year as well. Then afterwards it was all about getting into marquees and mingling with everyone else and finding out the hottest after-party for the evening. There was one after-party that was interesting, hosted by Fistaz Mixell the party started at 4 am and no one was allowed in after 6 am. The party was packed and it went on until the afternoon.

The following day, we had to check out after breakfast and head home. Before we did that we had to go to the beach because we don’t get to see the beach often. One gets to reflect while at the beach, the losses, wins, plans and appreciate that you are living your dream that you have always dreamt about. And there are people and brands who believe in that dream as well, such as Polo and Volvo. Last year we covered just the clothes, this year we attended VDJ for the first time, next year we host the people of Marvin at the VDJ. Dream. Believe. Execute.