Business with Marvin: Osmic Menoe Part 2

We met with Osmic Menoe in downtown Jozi, in a very elegant studio apartment that stood many floors high, where we could literally see some of Joburg’s iconic skyscrapers. My first impression of him is that he is a man of class; from observing his automobile, his dress sense and how he speaks with dignity and respect.

Osmic describes himself as “just a guy from Tladi in Soweto”, who is passionate about the success of the African continent. The man understands his position in the game of entertainment and speaks with confidence about the hip hop business. He is the founder of the South African Hip Hop Awards and the Back To The City festival, which are the two most important events on the hip hop calendar. Osmic runs a company called Ritual Media Group, which he expresses its formation from the most humble of times. From starting a magazine, opening a retail store, owning a club, eventually hosting the festival and then the awards. His journey was not a smooth one, with many cowboy tricks that he had to pull off when the hip hop industry itself did not believe in his ability. He started filling venues before it was even a thing in hip hop, hosting the festival which has now grown to a staggering 25000 attendees.

The man is a visionary in his nature and exclaims how, when he discovered his purpose very early in his life, and never looked back. What is currently unfolding in his career is exactly how he has planned it, he says. Osmic’s plans do not end with what he has accomplished thus far, he plans to establish a hip hop association and museum. This museum will be fitted with state of the art recording equipment and conferencing facilities, this space will generate revenue and its sole purpose is to uplift up and coming young entertainers, who will push the culture even further than he did. The association will give financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs in the culture, to support their equitable business ventures.

Osmic attributes most of his success to friendships and partnerships he has built in the industry over the years. He expresses his undying desire to uplift others, by building their confidence through his incubation programs and ensuring that their businesses are sustained by means of financial support. A lot can be said about his leadership, and that is why we decided to have a conversation with him.

Written by: Kabelo Motsugi