Dubai Comforts

I’m forever in awe when I get to travel. It’s crazy for me still, even when I get to work out of town. It’s a blessing that I do not take for granted at all. I recently had a tiny taste of Dubai. Dubai is insane. You feel it from the airport, the energy, the focus, the dreams, and the reality.

Dubai is the epitome of what humans can create and I definitely need to taste more. My brief cameo there gave me the experience of a world-class hotel that I simply must share. La Ville Hotel & Suites offers a sexy vibe in such a quaint manner.

Beautiful, simple, over the top, practical, audacious and perfect. From exquisite suites with lush views (I love the bathrooms) to pretty restaurants and bars with delicious eats. The true romantic in me will always be happy in this environment. Graze is an amazing space… I felt like I was in an episode of Chef’s Table. Their creative hub, Chival provides an inspiring and social communal space to work, think and absorb. The rooftop bar is perfect for sundowners.

Their DJ understands the audience and is timely with his selection… one almost feels as though they created the playlist themselves. They apparently have a monthly wine and cheese soirée, Grape Fest, at their gorgeous wine bar, Grape Skin. I was sad to miss this… but I’ll be back.

Writer: Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane