Dinner with Marvin

We have been around for the last four years as Marvin and we are still here growing while we understanding men better. When you take a chance on a dream you have no idea on what the road ahead looks like, all you have is hope that this dream will actualize at some point and it will outlive you. This is my fourth online magazine and this is the most successful one to date. I remember when I wanted to shut down my second magazine, Studio83 because of my frustrations, Vus reminded me – most of my relationships and exploring ideas come from Studio83. You meet people along the way that see your vision and they want to be part of it or help you get the dream there

George Gladwin Matsheke.

Left: Andre, center: Ashley and right: Palesa.

Andre built the first website for Marvin and he got it and he is the go-to guy for anything like that, and we were able to keep the clean, minimalist look as well. Then you have people like Nomfundo who have always been there to guide us on where we need to go as a brand and what we stand for, she loves poems, she has a brilliant mind – she wrote the Marvin’s Room manifesto. You get a brother like Ashley who has always been on my case about how I should be presentable out there because I represent something that’s bigger than me, he is a brother, a healer. I remember meeting Palesa and she loved the publication but also offered to help us get the grammar to a better place and also bring a different perspective to Marvin about kids and her world, I learn a lot from her articles.

Left: Nomfundo,right: Vusi.


With us growing, a fashion section only made sense; to have conversations with Mthobisi since his passion is men’s wear. With Faith around you have to have faith, she is responsible for everything we do that’s tv, we did well with Conversations with Marvin last year and there will be more this year coming as well. Then there is Tshego aka Harmonix on social media, he is obsessed with coffee, music, and photography – he takes amazing pictures and we are happy that he is part of the team. The latest addition to the team is Phuthi who is the intern, he is the recipient of the Marvin Scholarship two years ago and he is a very bright young lad who is always keen to work and learn. Last but not least my partner in crime in making decisions with this Marvin’s world – Linda, he is the other half of Marvin, the numbers guy, the structure guy – he comes in where I fall short and he has made this dream a better-looking one as well. Thank you to Remy Martin for the lovely evening and special thank you to Minenhle Kunene for coming through once again.

Left: Mthobisi, center: Kabelo and right: Phuthi.