Coffee Rituals: Craft Coffee

Honestly, what brought me and a friend to Craft Coffee was Precious, a barista we both got to know from another coffee shop and the fact that @jozicoffeespots shared the coffee shop on Instagram.  It was great seeing Precious again, even though she couldn’t give us her time because the shop was so busy at the time we went. Either way, she prepared us a great cappuccino made from Ugandan beans. Even though we were there to see and show love to Precious, we couldn’t help but notice how well put together the shop was. Craft Coffee has a great outdoor seating area, the takeaway section allows maximum light and space for patrons to move freely when ordering. The light coming into the shop is reflected by a massive mirror that sits on the sealing and has these gold, white and silver lights hanging. This also opens up the indoor area quite drastically. Craft Coffee does serve food, but this time around all we wanted was the coffee.

While we sat by the outdoor area enjoying our cappuccinos with their great berry and dark chocolate flavours that lingered after every sip, my friend and I got talking and something that came up was the importance of time. We had a lengthy conversation about how some people can drain your time and just how priceless time is. Especially with people we always reach out to but they never see the importance for them to reach out to you. These almost parasitic relationships take a toll on the relationship as it’s always up to the one person to engage a conversation or drive the relationship. I have also experienced this in my very own family where it would generally be one person that drives certain conversations and gatherings.

Fortunately, I have been in a very sweet spot this year where I have been attracting like-minded people who just seem to want to contribute knowledge in my life. The great part about this is that we see each other’s visions and understand the power of elevating each other. I have opened myself up to this and the universe is reciprocating. Again, for me to be in this fortunate position took some time and it required me to transition to the place I am now. We have to trust the process no matter how long it may be, even if it brings an undesired outcome. Through pain, there are lessons to be learned. Accept that over time when you grow, you will outgrow others and when those around you grow, you may be the person they outgrow.

I guess we both came to the conclusion that we should be a little selfish with our time in order to look out for ourselves and replenish. It’s also important to look out for yourself and those that look out for you, but for you to do so you need to know how much of yourself to give and when.



Writer & Photographer: Tshego Mmahlatji