Coffee Rituals: Vintage Coffee

There are very few restaurants and coffee shops where a person can walk into and be greeted with a genuine smile like you’re a regular. Walking into Vintage Coffee felt like I was a long-lost customer who had returned to their regular spot after many years of absence. I was greeted by Kelsey with a warm smile and just like that, I felt at home. I walked up to her, we said our hello’s and we exchanged a few additional words before I asked what beans they used. She answered by saying there’s a single origin Brazil and their house blend which is made up of Tanzanian and Brazilian beans, this is called the “Pedlars Blend”. So, I asked for the Pedlars Blend cappuccino and I also ordered a similar sandwich to the one she was making for someone else.

In true ritual style, I found a seat by the window. The place has enormous windows to light up the massive space inside. The outside has a small wooden deck with some chairs and tables for those that love to catch some fresh air. Finally, my cappuccino arrived, and I sipped on it until my sandwich made its way to me. This cup was just so rich in colour and had a great taste to accompany it. Minutes later my Keto Friendly sandwich arrived, as I later learned that’s what it’s called, this is served with some cream cheese, rocket and Parma ham. The Keto option is great for people with gluten intolerance or those who are just avoiding it, however, normally they serve the bagel option which also looked delicious. If you know me, you will know that I tend to be a liker of things and I really wanted the healthier option to satisfy my curiosity. The sandwich was really good, and the coffee even better and really wish I had just had a second cup before leaving. It always feels so good to always strike gold when Googling a nearby coffee shop.

My visit to Vintage Coffee was made special because I had just returned from visiting my aunt in hospital. I appreciated my visit to this coffee shop because I have been going through the most in my own personal space and it just felt good to walk into a place and be able to just let loose. Kelsey’s warm welcome definitely played a role in me just easing up, I guess you never know what the next person may be going through, so expressing a level of kindness and warmth may just go a long way to the recipient. With that said I would like to thank you, Kelsey, for such an awesome experience and more so just sharing some transitions the shop has taken to be where it is now. I look forward to trying out that single origin real soon.




Writer & Photographer: Tshego Mmahlatji