Supporting Local Businesses

There is bliss in celebrating African Culture. A renowned taste of pride in the work, art and beauty we are able to subconsciously produce. We create and recreate, while celebrating the natural beauty of our heritage intertwined with our intellectual achievements. It is a blessed wonder to watch the unprecedented efforts of those who are able to turn pieces of something, which was merely a seed of their imagination, into the pillar of our economy and the hope of our people.

Why then do we not make it a concerted effort to support local businesses? Deliberately and consistently. From the clothes we wear to the books we read, ideally, local brands should be the main source of everything we find ourselves surrounded by.

As people, we need to realise that an unbounded support for an economy boosted by local businesses can alleviate misfortunes that are constantly spewed at us from not only the media, but from our very own friends, family and neighbours. Vigorously supporting local businesses will allow them the opportunity to grow and create local jobs. Furthermore, seeing local businesses perform well will not only reinforce the idea that it’s possible to create a successful business in South Africa, but it will surely inspire more young entrepreneurs to be committed to the cause.

Take the time to be connected to the goods you purchase, don’t let it just be another product from another national best seller. Know where your products come from, revere the essence of the sweat stemming from your neighbour’s toil, and be in tune with the melody of the entrepreneur who sold it to you. Know their vision, their dream then share it with them. Tell your family about them, encourage your friends to support them too. Contribute to creating jobs for your country. We don’t need to succumb to a youth unemployment rate of over 20%.

If you are a local business, let your supply chain be other local businesses. If you’re a consumer let your local businesses be your everyday shop. Simply support local business.

Let us be conscious of the fact that the success of local businesses is not merely dependent on determination of the entrepreneur, but it’s heavily dependent on you and I to support it. We too have a significant share in the failure of yet another local business. So when people say “it’s not only government’s job to build our economy, it’s your responsibility too”  and you’re not exactly sure  where you fall in that category, this is definitely a way for you to take responsibility for growing the South African economy.

Writer: Irene     Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash