The New BMW X2

The other day I was thinking to myself about how it would be if my parents were still alive, I wondered how I would explain this part of my occupation. I sold my car two years ago and I get a different car make every other week and so far I haven’t repeated a car yet. My mother would definitely say I sell drugs and I steal cars because it’s difficult to understand this occupation as a black parent. My mother struggled with just Graphic Design so this would definitely require an intervention and a visit to Moria. Anyway, I really hope that with this, black people get to be exposed to new ideas of making money and new ideas of careers that go well beyond what we know. Most of the time we think that these careers are not for us and therefore leave it for other races. When the people of BMW said that they will give me the new X2 for a week to play around with – I thought more about siblings and exposure.

We don’t come from a well off family and we have lost both our parents so at this point all we have is each other. I suggested that we go to Kwa-Zulu Natal so that they can see the ocean for the first time in their adult lives. We looked for places to stay and eventually settled on Zimbali which was perfect as because that place is also another world. My grandmother died without seeing the ocean, my mother saw the ocean once in her lifetime when she was very young. I travelled a lot in my young adulthood therefore the novelty has somehow died with that, but I understand the importance of the ocean and what new possibilities it brings every time one gets an opportunity to marvel at God’s creation.

Firstly I love BMW’s latest design, so far BMW hasn’t disappointed me when it comes to design, I’m still happy. The BMW X2 is no exception, the lines, the aggressiveness and feminine touch with a bit of character… BMW’s drive very well, they are smooth on the road and if you are going to be doing a road trip, I definitely recommend a Mini Cooper or BMW. I think this model will be popular with the ladies. The interior is classic BMW – I think BMW could’ve taken this opportunity to do something completely different here because the space allows. There is plenty of boot space and enough leg room in the back to remain comfortable enough for a tall guy like me. The Marvin kind girl would look really good in this one, especially the gold colour. The drive was smooth while having the ability to overtake and rely on the cruise control for the majority of the trip. One thing that surprised me though was how fuel efficient it is, we used one full tank to go to KZN and back to Johannesburg, and I didn’t expect that at all. The sound system from BMW is really good even though this was not a top of the range one, we were able to listen to good quality sound.

I like the car because it’s high enough to be an SUV and definitely can handle gravel as well. I see this car in the same category as the Mini Countryman and the Mercedes Benz GLA model. Design wise this one wins the prize for exterior aesthetics – its prettiest model of them all, even though I still love the Countryman, this X2 is really not a bad substitute. Our stay at Zimbali was blissful, we discovered the other pool area that is only for the residents of Zimbali and it’ gorgeous. My siblings went to the beach for the first time and they took it all in, I was glad that I was able to be the one to give them that experience because the next trip must be Cape Town. I think it’s important for us to set up these types of trips because they tend to bring us closer and to remember our parents because we enjoyed road trips with them while they were alive. I hope that we go to Mozambique one day because that’s where our people are originally from. This is a lovely car and I believe that it will do well in the market.

The front-wheel-drive sDrive20i petrol derivative has peak outputs of 141 kW/280 Nm, a claimed fuel consumption range of between 5.9 and 5.5 L/100 km and a 7-speed Steptronic dual-clutch transmission. The xDrive20d turbodiesel derivative, meanwhile, produces 140 kW/400 Nm, consumes approximately 4.8 – 4.6 L/100 km, comes equipped with xDrive “intelligent all-wheel drive” and features an 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

As you can see, the BMW X2 slots between the X1 and X3. With the option of either M Sport or M Sport X, the X2 is looking like a stylish proposition for those wanting something completely different. The new BMW X2 starting from R512 900