Mercedes Benz GLC AMG 63s

The new direction that Mercedes Benz has taken took me a while to understand because their direction and where the automobile industry is heading. The GL section didn’t make sense to me because there was a GLC, GLE and d GL what was more confusing was that there was also GLC coupe which was very different to the GLC that looked like a mommy car. From my understanding GLC is the SUV thats based from a C Class, GLE from the E Class and the GL is based from the S Class. Then there is the G Class which is in a class of its own. Now that we have out of the way, the people of Mercedes Benz dropped the GLC by the office for us to test drive for a week, luckily i had a wedding to attend out of town therefore its a great opportunity to understand this car and what it has to offer.


The one section Mercedes Benz wins is the interior of the cars, they are all different classes and they should feel that way. A Class interior is different to the C Class and it has different settings as well because not all size fits all. One spends more time inside the car than admiring the therefore it makes sense for me to also focus on the interior. The people of Mercedes Benz dropped of the GLC 220 for a week for me to test drive – fortunately i had a trip out of town to understand the car a bit more and it capabilities.  handled it so well, i was beginning to fall inlove. There was a pothole that was filled with water and i underestimated the depth of the hole and part of the drivers side was almost fully covers in and all i did was calmly revers the car and the internal system handled everything else interns of calculating the situation and distributing enough power to pull me back out of that situation. I was impressed with the Merc, didn’t think it had it them but here it was and it handled with ease. I understand the phrase of the best or nothing.


We got invited to the AMG media launch and this was going to be interesting for me because I haven’t done the Swartkop track before and this was going to be done with the GLC AMG 63s. I am not one who enjoys speed I personally prefer comfort instead. There are two versions of the GLC designs, you get the normal GLC and then you get the Coupé and I must say the coupé is the one to have any day. The GLC looks like the GLE but a bit smaller, personally I prefer the GLC it seems much more fun. I don’t know its just me but the E Class section is dying slowly similar to the SL class version. The design reminds me of the BMW X6 but a bit curvier, not necessarily the best design but you get used to it. I love the interior of the car and the comfort it the GLC offers is general but the AMG version is something else. As soon as you step into the car you feel like you have the biggest penis and you don’t mind waving it around – in simple terms you have power and you are not afraid to use it either. For a car that big you would think its harder to handle around the corners and on the road, not with the AMG though, if ever i am chased by the cops can I be in the GLC AMG63s Coupé because chances are they won’t catch and the corners will be my advantage. The noise that the GLC AMG 63s makes you wanna take it straight to the hood because the hood always tells you a different story of the type of car you drive.


After a couple of times burning the tyres on the the track with the AMG’s we took a nice quick shot left just o enjoy the drives in Gauteng, the one thing you will enjoy with this car is over taking other cars because you can and its possible. Our first stop was in Haarties where we got refreshments and we ended up in Pretoria at the new Sun International Maslow Time Square. The hotel has been around for about two months and I must say the hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable, i had an awesome view as well so that helped. We ended up having dinner by the cube looking section of the hotel, it would be nice to host a Marvin’s Room there one day. One thing i can tell you about the GLC AMG 63s is that tis a toy for those who can afford the good life because it doesn’t come cheap but when you have it you understand why you bought it. This is one of the cars you need to have as an AMG nothing less, nothing more.

700 Nm  /   3.8s  0-100 km/h    /   375 kW

AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed sport transmission

250 km/h (electronically limited)
280 km/h (with the optional AMG Driver’s Package)

Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S R1 563 596
Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe R1 679 605