Gaborone, Botswana

Every dream is important, it’s important because it brings out the best and the worst in you as a person or entrepreneur. Having to think of something and make it happen is magical and a beautiful thing to see. I went to the Ideas Expo in 2016 and I was a speaker there, which for me was a dream to speak in another country. We get a lot of people visiting Marvin from Botswana, it only made sense that we did something there.

I called Banele Rewo and said we are going to Botswana, we need to make this happen because we have a few announcements to make regarding the businesses we run, and hence this article is this late. What I enjoyed about this trip is that it had the essence of We Are Coming For Everything’ written all over it. Calvin and Tumisho are hosting one of best conferences that exposes the young and old to different ideas about creativity and the world. We had a conversation with the people of Jeep about driving there and they made it happen, we drove in style. I had a conversation with Bogosi Matseka about this trip and I explained to him that this has been a dream to do a roadtrip since 2015 for Marvin. So for me this was a dream realized and lived. What was really dope was the Music4Worms that happened the next day after Marvin’s Rooftop at the Masa Hotel with Absolut Vodka. The music is always good for those who are about good music and good vibes.

We Are Coming For Everything has funded a cosmetics company by a lady named Vangile and we have received the first samples. We have decided to use the platform or this part of the business to encourage or fund projects that we believe in, therefore this will be the first of its kind and definitely not the last. We have been dreaming of doing an annual book that showcases entrepreneurs who are doing amazing work out there because we believe the people on the ground are not being represented.

Banele Rewo is currently opening up Mnandi Braai countrywide, Mnandi is a fast food and take away chain restaurant, specializing in flame grilled red meat and chicken products. He has been working on this project for the longest time and now things are finally happening. There is more to come within that space as well.

Marvin is growing at a nice rate and we are getting the support we need to grow Marvin into a company that does more than just content. The online store is on its way which we have been working on for the last two years. This will come with the new website that is better than the current one we have because we do need an update. Marvin’s Room will bring interesting dynamics with regards to events and engagement with the audience of Marvin. Without saying too much, we believe that 2018 is going to be a busy year for us, which is good because we are living out our dreams.

In my opinion, Americans don’t build beautifully designed cars, they are always big and unnecessary but I understood why the Jeep Cherokee is different, I think it’s the most beautiful car in the Jeep stable. The inside looks like every other car, then you start looking for the handbrake and you realize that it’s by the paddles, which is rather confusing especially when you are not used to driving Jeep. The 3.0L turbocharged EcoDiesel V-6 engine pulling 240 horsepower was impressive on the open road and I was glad its a diesel instead of petrol because we all know that Jeep consumes fuel. The one thing I was impressed with was the sound system, they got that right. We had the diesel to drive to Botswana and I was happy with that – if you know Jeeps you know that they require a lot of petrol compared to other cars. Botswana is only four hours away and what made this trip much more delightful was putting the car on cruise control. I understand now why people have this car (besides being big bodied, which is awesome), it looks good when you are driving it in Johannesburg.

What is amazing here is that everyone is coming for everything in their own way, everyone is pushing the dream, in corporate or running their own thing. What I enjoyed and loved about all the people I am speaking about here is that they are all young Africans pushing and making things happen for themselves and conveying a different dream for the black child. We don’t and can’t live in isolation as people, therefore you will always need someone to make something happen somehow. Be kind to everyone you meet on your journey, We Are Coming For Everything is not just about business – we are coming for everything including love, kindness, helping each other out and building a different narrative for ourselves.