The Past, Present and The Future. The New BMW 5 Series

Different cars have different personalities and I imagine that when people buy a car they think about where they are in their lives. People usually think about where they came from, where they are and where they are going and there is a car that represent that part of their life. Growing older is always interesting because you look at things differently, things that you had an interest in before, are sometimes no longer interesting. For example I doubt that I would buy a coupé or roadster because I’m at a point in my life where I should be settling down, therefore that would be impractical for my lifestyle.

I have always loved big cars though, my favourite car of all times is the Mercedes Benz S Class, there is something about it, I reckon it’s the size because I like big things. I never really thought much of the BMW 5 series until I went to the media launch in George late last year. There was a point where I pushed the car to 240KM/h and it was willing to go further but I understood that if i did that I would be testing God Himself. Let me start by saying that the new 5 series is the future, it has everything you need even before you think you need it and while you have it you question how you survived this long without it. The exterior of the 5 series is perfect, as perfect as the 4 series design – flawless. As a designer I wouldn’t add or remove anything from the 530i. The new BMW has so much presence without demanding too much attention and yet it possesses so much power without flaunting it like its something new in its system.

This is a business man/woman kind of vehicle, it gives you the type of confidence that says you are doing well and you are on your way up. Its the type pf car that I wouldn’t mind driving myself even if I have a driver for those meetings during the day. I particulaly loved the rear seating situation – it allows you to feel like an executive while being driven and its very comfortable around the corners as well. The curtain gives you that sense of privacy while being at the back and it also shades you from the sun outside. When you move to the front of the car, this is where things get exciting in the new 5 series. The display is clearer and bigger, actually its also a better design in comparison to its predecessor- definitely an upgrade. The LCD is touch screen which also is cool when you are lazy to do it the long way around. You can get news, weather and read sms’s on the LCD while driving the new BMW. The new dashboard is better but I feel they could’ve made more of an effort but I am happy with this one for now. I love how comfortable and easy the steering wheel of the new BMW 5 series is – it makes the driving so easy and enjoyable. The navigation display on the windscreen is rather helpful when navigating around.

The sound system is good, the illuminating lights inside the car just makes it feel like its a space ship – oh and you can change the colours according to your mood. As you turn on the ignition the car gives you the options of choosing the fragrance you like for that drive. I am already budgeting for this car because its the car that I need in my life and the car that I deserve. The new key is also something to write about, you can do so much with the key from setting the temperature for the car before you step into the car, it gives all the information you need about the car, from petrol, tyre pressure, if its locked or if the windows are open. Oh before I forget, the eco mode when you are traveling long distance is amazing and it saves so much petrol for your kilometres that it will inspire you to do long distance trips. This car should get car of the year for 2018.