Conversations with Men – Vaseline

Conversations amongst men are important, this takes me back to the reason Marvin was started in the first place, to create a platform where men feel safe enough to express their views without any judgement but instead see the conversation as insight. Men find it difficult to articulate how they feel in general, men find it hard to navigate through emotions and at most times we experience and go through more or less the same things. As men, we feel everything and because we were encouraged not to recognize our feelings we struggle with articulating them. It’s often, almost always assumed that because we say nothing, we feel nothing, but we do feel, we just find other ways to numb the pain, which doesn’t work well in the long run. I hope that this encourages men to open up more.

The other day we shot this series that gives some insight to some conversations amongst Marvin kinda guys at the Legends Barbershop in Zone 6.

Flashback From The Beginning
We always need to take some time and reflect on how far we have come, to smell the flowers whilst the sun is out. We are constantly changing and becoming better with making mistakes and exploring what it means to me a man in this modern day world.

Prepare For Greatness
You have to prepare for greatness to be able to handle greatness. A lot of preparation goes into putting that dream together, it might not happen today but today you have to show up so that you can be a step closer. It’s an everyday thing, greatness will cost you everything so you better be prepared.

Being a father is one of the most important roles any man can have on this earth, men need to know that their roles are important and they are needed by their children. A father’s presence determines how this child interacts with the rest of the world. Building a family is THE most important thing.

Future of our Heritage
We are the leaders of tomorrow, we are making decisions that will affect the next generation therefore we must make good decisions that will build and always come from a place of love and nurturing. As men we need to teach from a place of love, understand where we come from as men so that we can teach our heritage to the next generation.