Young Professional Association Re-Boot Camp

It is very difficult to pin down what exactly it means to be a modern man in the modern world. The definitions are broad, varied and quite subjective yet so specific as to almost make a him a creature of myth. But what is ubiquitous with these checklists is a trait every man must possess: self-definition. Even the briefest glance at the career of Tebogo Moalusi and you will see it as the golden thread that seems to run through this young man’s tailored life.

He has worked in the financial services sector for the past 4yrs working for companies such as Investec. The talented Mr. Moalusi has also spent time accumulating accolades such as his nomination as SA Brightest Young Minds in 2007, Destiny Man Top 40 under 40 accolade in 2011 and he rocks an MBA in entrepreneurship from GIBS. You’d be forgiven for assuming that he might be a corporate juggernaut who spends daylight flexing his fiscal acumen in the boardrooms of some monolithic black glass skyscraper. This may be partly true. However, Mr. Moalusi has a passion for community development that is anything but detached from society. Not only is he a motivational speaker, focusing on Personal Branding and Personal Mastery, he has also founded the Young Professionals Forum (YPF) with the goal of empowering young professionals with a better ‘understanding of economic, social and political issues’ and developing the abilities through engagement. In 2008, he was co-founder of Bokamoso Cross Mentorship Programme. It is a youth focused development platform with the goal of holistically empowering high school learners with critical skills. To date, it has seen over 1000 grade 11 learners from seven different schools graduating through the programme. In 2015, the programme grew to KZN, now operating in 5 additional school in Durban and surrounding townships.

The above was taken from the first Marvin cover story back in 2015, now Mr. Moalusi is pushing the Young Professional Association Re-Boot Camp and its an opportunity of a lifetime for  those who are in business and the young professionals.

YPA has developed a bespoke 12 week entrepreneurs development programme. It covers everything from idea creation all the way to pitching the idea in front of “Dragons”. Rocket School Rocket school is our partner. They are responsible to developing and administering the actual course whilst our role as YPA is to define the learning outcomes, secure the funding and drive applications. First class will commence on 2nd of September. Sessions will be hosted weekly in the evenings from 6-9pm. It’s a combination of academics, syndicate group activities, case studies and candidates working on their own ideas. The plan is to help the students refine their ideas or businesses into business that can serve the market soon.  The student must put some skin in the game which is R2 500. This is just to make sure that people make an effort and commit.

The class will be split into 60 (corporate professionals) 30 (entrepreneurs) and 10 (NGO). Candidate must have a concept or business that they want to work on. 50% of the candidate must have businesses which can quite quickly be absorbed into the Investec supply chain. So this is not just about education, it’s about getting them procurement ready. You can find the application on:

Rocket School