Mini Cooper Countryman Roadtrip

I put a post-up on social media the other day talking about how much I miss the airport. It was not much the airport itself that I missed, it was just a case of the travel bug seeping in. Since January this year, I have had the privilege of work related travel opportunities and they are proving to be rather good for my spirit. On Friday, the 31st of March, was one such day. My boy Papi picked me up from home, we missioned to the airport to catch a flight to Durban. I forgot my cigar that I was planning on smoking in Durban and earphones. Anyways the flight was short so that’s cool. Upon arrival, we checked into the Beverly Hills in Umhlanga, greeted by an amazing view of the vitamin sea. It was just what the doctor ordered for this stressed out city slicker.

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The timing of this trip also came at a good time as I have gone through a lot in my personal and business life since January. Time for change and new beginnings is upon me. Since my last encounter with the JCW brand, I’ve been more open to explore what it has to offer. With most cars, you get to judge them based on their design. For me personally, the second most important thing in a car becomes the interior. Seeing as though, you spend most of the time inside the car, it is important that it looks, and feels good and that the space is functional. The Mini Countryman.

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Firstly, as someone with long arms, what I liked about the new Mini Countryman is the space. Everything in there is accessible. The leather seats are also different and comfortable, totally conducive for a young family. A friend of mine Maimela, is looking to buy it buying this car. He recently became a family man and I would gladly recommend it. For me this car is perfect for road trips. You can take it out to Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique or even to Cape Town via the Garden Route. It will take good care of you. On Saturday morning, Papi and I took this baby out on the road to Clarens from Umhlanga. The route included a lot of gravel in order to test the SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) capability. The car really held its own.

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The drive through the Midlands was truly humbling as I had actually forgotten how absolutely beautiful our country is. Especially, the Zulu Kingdom. We met a lot of interesting people during the trip as well. After lunch, in Mooi River we switched drivers and cars to head to Clarens. During that switch, I realized that there was one thing I didn’t really like. The Mini Countryman, takes a while to respond if you are trying to overtake using the automatic option. The Cooper S however, is definitely a better option. The LCD is clearer than that of the countryman, and is is obviously faster. As far as personal choice, I am leaning towards the Cooper S. It ticked more boxes for me than the Countryman.

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We stopped by the dam to take some pictures and to change drivers before we got to Clarens. We spend a night in the small town of Clarens and it made me realize just how advanced Joburg is. I digress. I really enjoyed the drive back to Johannesburg in the Countryman. Overall, it really took good care of me. I don’t see why it wouldn’t take care of you.

Photographer: Matthew Kanniah