The New Range Rover Evoque Convertible

I love the idea of being a child and I think I appreciate being a kid more now than I did before. What I really miss about being a kid is the discovery process, discovering things for the first time.  The questions, the authentic interest that you had because you really wanted to understand. Understand not be look smarter than the next person but to understand because you want wrap you head around how someone came up with the final product.

What happens when you mix being cheeky, technology, fun and pure luxury in one car? The results are the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible. I’ll always be biased towards this car because I’ve been a fan of the LRT (that’s what it was named before being changed into Evoque) since 2009 when the concept was introduced to the public. Design wise this car is flawless, I was one of the few people who didn’t like the Range Rover Sport ecstatic’s, the design wasn’t properly balanced, especially at the back. When the Evoque was introduced I said that this car will change how you engage with design, because it was a beautifully designed car.


The people of Range Rover dropped of the grey Evoque at the office for me to test drive for a week. I was excited and yet eager to discover if this car really is on a league of its own.  I was sold on the exterior design work therefore I will give more focus on the interior and performance. As soon as you step into the car you realise that there is a reason why people make it a big deal when you drive a Range Rover. There is a certain level of life problems you have when you drive the new Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Getting attention because your car is not one of them, so are portholes and humps. I have never been stopped by strangers in a any other car make than this one and it people from all walks of life. What’s interesting is that most people have never seen this car in real life so when they do, they lose their minds.


Most people believe that it actually looks better in real life than in the ads that they have seen. The interior uses oxford leather on the dashboard which looks like its not leather at first but it feels like leather. The steering is very comfortable to handle and the navigation system is one of the easiest that I’ve encountered. Oh and its touch screen so that helps a bit. Connecting via Bluetooth and integrating with your phone is so easy on the new Range Rover Evoque as well. The navigation system will always take you on the longest route though. The boot space is almost none existence, you can fit in one large suitcase and maybe one backpack. This car is definitely for the up and coming executive who is either single or doesn’t have a family.  I’m not a  convertible fan but I understand the think of this one and its genius.  This car is designed for someone who doesn’t want to be like everyone else and they want everyone to know it that they are different.


This car is designed for someone who loves comfort but also wants some speed when its required. For a car that weighs 1700 Kg it moves very quickly when it has to. The roof takes about 10 seconds to unfold and it can be at a speed of 50km/hour. The fuel consumption is fair, it will cost you about R800 for a full tank that will last you for more than a week. The new Range Rover Evoque can fit in four adults comfortable. I love the keyless options that it come with – as long as your key is in your pocket, you can open and lock your car by touching the door handle. Everything is automatic in this car, automatic wipers, lights, even bright lights if you are driving in a very dark neighbourhood. I really enjoyed the lane assist feature though and what that feature does is that when you move the car from one to the next without indicating it will move itself to original lane. This feature will help reduce accidents, specialty when people are using their phones while driving.


I gave the Jaquar F-Pace a bad sound review because I didn’t understand the sound. The Evoque sound system is so cool because it adjusts automatically based on the song, which is really cool. This is definitely a city car that gives you even more when you drop the top, this car would be even better in Cape Town or Durban because of the weather as well. For a million rands you can get yourself a nicely spec Range Rover Evoque but it worth every penny though.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible takes the vehicle’s inherent capability and superb looks to another level.


FROM R 1,022,400

2.0 Litre Si4 Petrol Automatic (177kW) (4WD)

0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds

Top Speed: 209 km/h

CO₂: 201g/km

Urban Fuel Economy: 11.4l/100km

Extra Urban Fuel Economy: 7l/100km

Combined Fuel Economy: 8.6l/100km


Writer: George Matsheke