A Bridge Apart …

There is nothing like that soft flutter one gets when they meet him/her. Well not a flutter but a mild panic, that thud on the head then the ultimate calm, that ease after the realization that you have lost the battle. The battle for love, where the ego is set aside and the soul reaches its hand in the hope that the other soul will grab it.

It was a hot summers day on a beach. Well more like a roof-top beach in the inner city at a Spanish party in a trendy city location. Nothing prepared  them for what was to occur.

She stood there with one of her best friends drinking her days away, there was a joviality about the crowd, people were toasting to the crazy year that was and leaving their inhibitions on the dance floor. Shoes were tossed to the side as feet sunk into the beach sand and bodies swayed to the Afro-Latin tunes coming from the DJ box. She had a busy morning and she was only there because of the music.

Being a relative newbie to the city (2 years and counting) she did not expect to meet anyone there aside from her friend, but as she now knew, 2 degrees of separation was the norm especially in her friends circle.

He brushed past her. all she saw was yellow and an interesting graphic. When she was later asked to describe that moment, all she could say was that she felt like home was nearby, like something familiar was there and then it left. As he walked away from her, she concluded that he was one of those guys, too cool to pay her no never mind. She noted the afro, the beautiful glasses perched on his romanesque nose, that framed his interesting features and in her minds eye, gave him a round of aesthetic applause. This lasted 5 very long seconds and she turned back to listen to her friends hilarious conversation.

He walked past her again and this time she looked straight at him and something happened to her. she will later define it as a pull, a force, a nudge, an energy. One of her friends spotted this split second interaction and the look in her eye and hastily made the introductions.

He introduced himself, shrouded in an air of nonchalance, she blabbered her name sans any airs and graces and in complete mortification turned away. That’s that she thought, at least I got to stand in front of him for 15 seconds and almost mot make a fool of myself.

to be continued..with accompanying mortification…