Marvin’s Room presents Dj Kenzhero

Marvin welcomes you to your celebration, as a man.
It is not easy being a man. It is not easy to have to know, to have to navigate, to
have to juggle, to have to nurture, to have to build, to have to acquire; to have to
achieve, to have to excel.
But you are doing well. You’ve got this. You are taking it all in your cool and suave

So: Congratulations and welcome to your celebration.
Welcome to Marvin’s Room.
Enjoy being cool; enjoy being accomplished; enjoy your greatness.
Come into a space where you can pour a drink with other distinguished men while
engaging with concepts which move you from one step of greatness to the next
step of excellence.

Go on, light that cigar; Marvin’s lounge is open to you.
Go on, ask Marvin about love, about money, about family, about sex, about
fashion, about style, about grooming.
Ask Marvin about women.
Ask Marvin about health.

And do go ahead and pick Marvin’s brain about success: he knows the answer.
I know him;
He is a friend of mine.
Welcome to Marvin’s Room.