Not yet Uhuru – Tell Me Sweet Something

David Kau posted this on Instagram and he gave us an interesting view on South African film industry.

Below is a letter I have sent to the key stakeholders in TELL ME SWEET SOMETHING.
The email spells out the current situation we are facing with the Exhibitor that has seen our film cut from 47 screens to 19 in 3 weeks despite the fact that we are performing well.

Please read.

Many thanks.
Dear Stakeholders

I am writing this email to bring you up to speed on the situation regarding the movie TELL ME SWEET SOMETHING currently in cinemas.

Please permit me a bit of background. In the process of raising funds for this romantic comedy, we are constantly told there wasn’t an audience for black South African films. Our response was, we don’t think the right kind of films are being made for black audiences. Instead of the constant problematizing of black lives we wanted to give audience a positive experience a film about successful, handsome black people falling in love in Joburg, a Joburg re-imagined as a city of love. In other words we set out to disprove this myth.
TELL ME SWEET SOMETHING opened on the 4th of September on 47 screens and in five days had reached the million rand mark and was the number 3 ranked film by screen average. This article by Destiny testifies to its success.