About Us

Who is Marvin?

I remember when I met Marvin in Greenside, Johannesburg for the first time and he was just regular guy but with something regal about him. I remember that we were drinking the same beer at the bar and conversations started by my complimenting his watch. By end of the day it seemed like we have known each other forever and spoke about everything under the sun. One thing that stood out within our conversation is that he answers a lot of the questions I had as a young man at the time. He was unassuming, authentic, very smart and he knew how to give insight into a lot of the struggles that I had at the time. He was like the father figure that I wish I had at the time or what my dad would’ve become if he was still alive. That day a dream was born, Marvin was born.

What people say?

George Gladwin Matsheke


Meet George, our CEO/Founder at Marvin. George is the visionary that started the Marvin dream years ago and helps the world understands men better.

Linda Mandyu

Commercial Director

Meet Linda, our Commercial Director at Marvin. The numbers guy and the one who makes sure that everything at Marvin sails smoothly.