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Jaguar E-Pace

Legacy is something that is built over years and is something that you have to consider when dealing with brands that have been around for a very long time. Jaguar is that brand that is not for everyone, it has its people and they like things in a certain way and done with certain precision. […]

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

It’s the early 1950’s, less than a decade since the devastating World War II. Europe is gorging itself, almost as if to try and make up for the years it can never have back. America is booming. Instant gratification is the order of the day. Importer of luxury cars, Max Hoffman sees the opportunity to […]

The New Mercedes Benz GLA

If there is anything Mercedes Benz got right, it has been the transformation of the A class, it used to look like a smaller mommy car which is similar to the current B Class. I remember that before the A Class was launched it was said that it was targeted at a younger audience and […]

The Big Bodied Volvo S90

My love for big bodied sedans comes from a video by DMX – ‘How It’s Going Down’ that came out in 1998. In the video, DMX drives an S Class 600 with chrome rims – what an iconic time in hip hop, I still love that video even to this day. When Volvo called me […]

BMW i3 – What The Future Looks Like

When someone says electric car, it’s very hard to imagine what the car would look like or do, how would it sound? How does it work? The people of BMW dropped of the i3 at the office and I had to discover for myself how it works and what makes this car special. As soon […]

BMW Puts More Power in The New x3

On Monday we landed from the ‘South Africans Travel Too‘ trip from Zambia through Zimbabwe and I had one last trip to make before the year ended. Come Wednesday I headed straight back to the airport to make my way to George. Now there is something cool about flying in so that you can fly […]

Ezi Ryder Lifestyle Scooter

When Kamo Duiker told me that he was starting a business selling electric bikes I just thought it was an interesting business space to enter and engage. It immediately took me back to a dream and ambition of mine of building a car in my later forties, living on a farm where there is a […]

He Wants What He Wants and Goes For It – BMW 4 Series

The new BMW 4 Series is probably the prettiest car around all in all with regards to design. When the first images of the new 4 Series came out everyone agreed that they got it right with regards to design, personally I couldn’t find anything that was wrong with the design, and it was perfect […]

The BMW M-Festival

This past Saturday saw the inaugural BMW M-Festival taking place at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and boy oh boy was it everything that they said it would be – I couldn’t have celebrated the most powerful letter in the world any other way. The day was incredibly well organised, from the moment you drove […]