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Ezi Ryder Lifestyle Scooter

When Kamo Duiker told me that he was starting a business selling electric bikes I just thought it was an interesting business space to enter and engage. It immediately took me back to a dream and ambition of mine of building a car in my later forties, living on a farm where there is a […]

He Wants What He Wants and Goes For It – BMW 4 Series

The new BMW 4 Series is probably the prettiest car around all in all with regards to design. When the first images of the new 4 Series came out everyone agreed that they got it right with regards to design, personally I couldn’t find anything that was wrong with the design, and it was perfect […]

The BMW M-Festival

This past Saturday saw the inaugural BMW M-Festival taking place at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and boy oh boy was it everything that they said it would be – I couldn’t have celebrated the most powerful letter in the world any other way. The day was incredibly well organised, from the moment you drove […]

2018 Range Rover Velar

Velar is an very old name for a very modern Range Rover. Automakers mining their history for neglected nameplates isn’t new, of course, but all the same few spend so long in the cold as Velar did. Used, nearly five decades ago, on the first “hiding in plain sight” prototype Range Rovers, the badge is […]

The Past, Present and The Future. The New BMW 5 Series

Different cars have different personalities and I imagine that when people buy a car they think about where they are in their lives. People usually think about where they came from, where they are and where they are going and there is a car that represent that part of their life. Growing older is always […]

The Jaguar F-Pace …

Someone said that the SUV is the new station wagon and to be honest, I think that’s what has happened. The trend of SUV has taken over the market in the last few years, especially since the introduction of the X5. I’m all for aesthetics and design so when Jaguar got a new design I […]

Apple Watch Series 3: All You Need To Know

Though we expected Apple to devote much of its keynote address today to the new iPhone, the company actually kicked off the show by introducing us to Apple Watch Series 3. After giving us an introduction to the Steve Jobs theater, Tim Cook shared some of the successes the Apple Watch has enjoyed over the […]

The Return of Motorola with Hasselblad

The good people over at Motorola agreed to give me their latest mobile phone for my trip to New York and the main reason I asked for the phone was to explore the incredible feature that came with the phone. The Hasselblad Moto Mod that came with the camera got me incredibly  intrigued because of […]

Discovering The New Land Rover Discovery

As a young boy growing up in the township I had a dream just like many others that I would one day drive the best car on the streets. At that time the main contenders were the BMW and Mercedes Benz sedans. These were the popular options for the well off. Magintsa included. Off road […]

Beats by Dre vs Apple Airpods

We are living in a world where you everyone is in control of what their world looks like. We have so much control. We control what we watch, when we want to watch it, we can even pause it to watch it when we are ready to watch it. It’s similar to sound, that includes […]