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The Thrill of A Biker …

When asked by Marvin why I like bikes, something so dangerous, potentially getting closer to death every time I get on the bike, the best possible answer I could think of, is a set of words spoken by an African biker, preacher and poet named ‘Bra Pony’, “it is not a bike, it is a […]

Mercedes Benz GLC AMG 63s

The new direction that Mercedes Benz has taken took me a while to understand because their direction and where the automobile industry is heading. The GL section didn’t make sense to me because there was a GLC, GLE and d GL what was more confusing was that there was also GLC coupe which was very […]

Conversation with Sizwe Nxedlana

Marvin: What attracted to you to economics? Sizwe Nxedlana: I wanted to understand why we are so poor as a continent when others are so rich and what to do about it. Marvin:  Tell us about your current role as CEO of FNB Wealth. Sizwe Nxedlana: We are trying to make it easy and simple for people to […]

The New Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The world keeps on evolving and people are developing different needs and wants to suit them. What people wanted 20 years ago is completely different to what people want now, we are on the brink of the technical revolution and this influences how we relate to one another. People are starting to embrace Netflix as […]

Mercedes Benz S Class

Being a leader in society, whether in business or government, usually means you are leading the way and are a role model to those that are watching your success. A vehicle to fit your stature is often required. Since time immemorial in the automobile space, the Mercedes-Benz brand has been a constant feature in ground-breaking […]


When a man spends over a million Rands on a sedan, know this about the car. It’s extremely fast, packed with features and can launch itself from 0 – 100km in less than five seconds. Know this about the man, he either drives it himself or has somebody drive it for him. You may find […]

50 years of Lamborghini Espada and Islero

One of the two vehicles shown on the stand in Essen is a Series III Espada from 1976. During the ten years in which the Lamborghini Espada was in production, 1968-1978, nearly 1.300 examples were produced in three series (S1: 1968 – 1970, S2: 1970 – 1972, S3: 1972 – 1978), making it the second-best […]

Jaguar E-Pace

Legacy is something that is built over years and is something that you have to consider when dealing with brands that have been around for a very long time. Jaguar is that brand that is not for everyone, it has its people and they like things in a certain way and done with certain precision. […]

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

It’s the early 1950’s, less than a decade since the devastating World War II. Europe is gorging itself, almost as if to try and make up for the years it can never have back. America is booming. Instant gratification is the order of the day. Importer of luxury cars, Max Hoffman sees the opportunity to […]

The New Mercedes Benz GLA

If there is anything Mercedes Benz got right, it has been the transformation of the A class, it used to look like a smaller mommy car which is similar to the current B Class. I remember that before the A Class was launched it was said that it was targeted at a younger audience and […]