Winter Fashion Pieces For The Marvin Man


I have always seen Winter as the season which requires bravery, the grey skies always bring with the feelings of wanting to hibernate and kicking it in front of the TV with the whiff of your favourite soup permeating through the house. However we all know that we need to brave the cold and get things done.

Here are a few winter must-haves which we feel are essential for all men who need to display bravery through the winter months. Think of these items as the “Marvin Mans Winter Toolkit”, these will carry you from one meeting to the next, and with some simple tweaks you are able to meet up for drinks after work. These items allow you to express yourself stylishly and still exude confidence.

Turtle Neck:

Think of the Turtle Neck as the Polo Necks slick older brother, refined and considered. We cannot preach the importance of the turtleneck enough. If you are an individual who does not enjoy layering up during winter this is the perfect item, it is. Oh did we mention the convenience of not having to button up and put on a tie?

It is also very important to note the type of material the Turtle Neck is made from. We suggest these two materials. Cashmere and Merino Sheep Wool

Merino Sheep Wool

This luxurious material is great for the man on the move during winter. The wool insulates your body during the cold months thanks to its breathability. A Merino Wool Turtle Neck is best suited for cool Autumn evenings and cool Winter days. It is also very easy to maintain.

The more expensive of the two, Cashmere is really an indulgent material. It is definitely warmer than Merino Sheep Wool, this material does require more attention when it comes to maintenance. This is more suitable for when Winter has really set in.


Chinos are a versatile item and can be worn anytime of the day and weekends too. Get yourself a regular or slim fit.


We think that a man who owns at least one coat deserves respect. This one is for maGrootman, and you actually have to own one. A coat carries your outfit to a whole new stratosphere..


Writer: Sefenya “Bans” Theka

  • Lesedi Komane
    10th Jul 2017

    Love it! Simple, Classy and straight to the point. Bo Brother and their outfits need a whole new level of stratosphere, and this article right here will definitely give that to the Marvin Brother!

  • Ngakabae Sebitśi
    10th Jul 2017

    Hopefully this will encourage a new way of thinking about the male wardrobe!!

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