Everything Takes Time …

Whether you are employed full-time, freelancing or running your own company; whatever it is, it will always take time. It is not about what you are doing, but rather about doing it. If you choose to do it, time is something you have to add or account for in the equation of success.

Whether you have a company or not, we are all relying on someone else to pay us.

The theory of 10 000 hours is not necessarily about the number of hours, but about the hours. The takeaway from this theory is that you will be required to spend time (and lots of it) on whatever it is that you choose to do. There is no easy path. Working for someone is not easy. Working for yourself is not easy. Working, in general, is not easy. So it is never about whether you work for yourself or for someone else. The truth is, we are all working for someone else, whether full-time or self-employed. In fact, self-employed or running a business is just a fancy way of saying; “I’m working for someone else through my business”. Whether you have a company or not, we are all relying on someone else to pay us.

Whatever it is that you are doing or going to chose to do; time is a natural ingredient. The distance between where you are and where you want to be is time. The more time you put in, the shorter the distance. The less time you put in, the longer the distance. To shorten the distance, all you have to do is:

Start | Commit | Persist

Writer: Bogosi Motshegwa

I am a brand strategist and business consultant.


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  • anthony
    26th Feb 2019

    There’s a certain creativity/air about your pieces that is such a breathe of fresh air. This is one of those “motivational” pieces but it doesn’t feel tired or cliche. I really love your content.

    • admin
      28th Feb 2019

      Glad that you love the content …

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