The Graduate; Two Room Shack

I have endured poverty and many other struggles of this life. Every event has made me wiser and stronger. Adultery is what destroyed my family. I know we were not the first family nor last to be wrecked by the sins of a man. Nonetheless, life had to continue. In the early stages of my life, I was raised by a stepfather for about three years, before I moved home to my granny’s house in Limpopo.

He is the father of my younger brother and sister. The man lacked affection towards me and my brother. Not that we expected love from him, it was given that he would not be very fond of us. Nonetheless, he was part of my journey and to some extent, I am grateful that he took us in. He was our father and provider despite his flaws. His relationship with my mother went south when I was 16 years old. I had just started school this side in Gauteng.

My mother bought a two-room shack and rented it out. She was paying rent and raising four kids all by herself. My little sister was 2 years at the time; I would pick her up from crèche daily. While in high school I never felt poor, everything I wanted my mother ensured that I got it! However, when I got to college and things were hard at home financially. I had to excel in my studies because of my disadvantaged background and I only had one shot at this education thing.

My graduation is a generational success. I have paved a way for future generations, inspired family and friends to chase their dreams. The journey was not easy but it was a prolific one that I had to take. I will forever celebrate this milestone. I know my ancestors are proud and applauding me, wherever they are. I wouldn’t have done it without my mother’s support and love. She is a rare desert flower that endured many storms. She never gives up and is always there. Life without her would have been difficult. I am a boy raised by a cashier. The two-room shack is my home; that’s where I find peace and strength.

Writer: /PP.Selolo