Learn To Heal

I really didn’t know how I was gonna tackle this but I felt I needed to, maybe it’s because healing has so many facets and we all go through it differently. It’s probably not the easiest thing to achieve and for most parts, we don’t even know if we will or how we’ll get there.

We get told shit like “time heals all” which is valid depending on what you do with the time, but healing is about the process, the process is being able to instruct yourself and execute that instruction.

So here… a set of instructions I hope will aid your process.

The world is moving so fast that we constantly want to move with it. You’ll eventually burn out and won’t achieve half the things you planned out. Learn to breathe and get away from all the madness. Learn to rest, mentally & physically.

My 2017 ended with a bitter taste, a lot went sideways but you know the saying “indoda ayikhali” that was my mantra, I sucked it up and went on like I had all my ducks in a row, but holding things in really has a way of messing you up, so I decided to feel… I let it all in and all out, I was able to detox and close wounds that had haunted me the year before, my heart was cleansed, my thoughts and ideas became pure and purposeful.

We sometimes don’t know we are healing because we are constantly focused on our faults and imperfections. Look back a year or two and you’ll realize how much you’ve grown, and how this growth has brought change.

The hardest part of healing but the most beautiful. Forgive the client who thought your idea was bullshit or didn’t give you the deal, the ex who didn’t figure out your worth, friends and family who wronged you but most importantly forgive yourself.

This is simple, accept the shit you can’t change, understand why you couldn’t or can’t change it, take that as a lesson then move on.

You: “You’re asking me to love when love is the reason I need to heal?”

Me: YES.

Love is worth it man… even if that stuff hurts, even if we sometimes lose the ones we love – it’s an essential part of being human – haha see what I did there?… Okay never mind.

Violence, hatred or vengeance won’t set you free, be a loving person, give love even if the universe takes and never says thank you. That’s how you’ll heal.

Writer: Joe Human