Be Vulnerable

Isn’t that scary? Especially because we are a generation of control freaks, we control what people think of us, we control our image on social media and perceptions in meetings and boardrooms…we’ve all got that deep scar we can’t forget, the opportunity we gave to someone to royally f*%k us over – so we keep our walls high.

But, I think there’s beauty in being vulnerable, for the most parts it proves we are still human and imperfect, it’s almost like being in front of our mirrors, stepping back and accepting who we really are. Once that’s out the way we make it easier for others to accept us.

However, our battle is society, it’s conditioned us to hide our truths and create personas and portray images that we know people will approve, I mean it’s all good if you want to be loved for someone or something you’re not. Don’t confuse being vulnerable with being weak, all our best work comes from being vulnerable. All our happiest moments and saddest realizations come from being vulnerable. All our deepest loves and greatest friendships come from being vulnerable. All our art, all our music, our biggest lessons… all our creativity comes from being vulnerable.

Ever noticed what happens to a piece of metal when it’s dropped near a magnet? The vulnerability has this magical force of attracting things to us. Magnets only attract ferromagnetic materials (I recently just learned that word), haha, in essence, one can only attract their kind or what’s right for them. Be vulnerable.