He Wants What He Wants and Goes For It – BMW 4 Series

The new BMW 4 Series is probably the prettiest car around all in all with regards to design. When the first images of the new 4 Series came out everyone agreed that they got it right with regards to design, personally I couldn’t find anything that was wrong with the design, and it was perfect – even the back was pleasant to look at. I am not one for sport cars therefore I only liked the car from a distance because I’m a sedan lover. I then received an invitation to attend the car’s media launch in Mpumalanga, my expectations were low added to the fact that I was exhausted because I had recently landed from New York.

My driving partner, Papi Mabele and I picked the convertible to roll with first and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the drive was, I was expecting the car to be terrible but it wasn’t. I test drive many cars and when you get the feeling that you could own the car even if it doesn’t make sense with your life at this stage, you just want it because it makes you happy. I don’t like convertibles either so I was really surprised that this car appealed to me, it brought out the younger and driven part of me out to play. I understand who they had in mind when BMW put this car together, it’s that guy who is in control, the guy who has the world in the palm of his hand, the guy who has the money and power and sees the world as his play ground. He wants what he wants, when he wants it, with whomever he wants it with.

The people of BMW dropped off the 420i coupe at the office and you can tell that the ladies react better to 4 Series than they did towards the 5 Series which I had prior to this. I always plan a trip around the time I get these cars because I feel that just doing the usual run around Jo’burg doesn’t give you the right feel of the car, for example when I get anything that’s off-road I always go to Tshamahansi because the terrain is challenging. When I got the 4 Series I took it to Thutlane, a village just an hour away from Tshamahansi, the roads are much sandier, which was interesting while driving the 4 Series. That’s when I discovered that this car gets excited and it will take any chance it will get to drift, even if it’s not intentional. At first I thought it was because I turned off the traction control but i then realized that it was the nature of the beast. The fun I had during the sandy road was awesome I completely understood why this car was created and why those who have it love it so much.

Now, even though I understand that the 4 Series came from the 3 Series before it became what it is now, it was great decision. Driving different cars you realize that no matter the model of BMW you drive it’s such a good drive, that’s a standard. The only version that I am not so sure about its the GT version, personally I don’t know what BMW is trying to do with the line but I’m not for it hey. The 4 series coupe, convertible and sedan get a yes from me. The 420i coupe has a 2.0 litre inline-4 engine that will give you 135kW/270Nm power/torque. The 440i Coupé will take you from 0-100km/h in about five seconds, with the five-door Gran Coupe taking 5.1 seconds and the heavier convertible needing 6.3s. The new diesel in the 420d, with power and torque up from 135kW/380Nm to 140kW and 400Nm, and 0-100km/h times of 7.1 – 7.3 secs.

The prices for the 4 series are as follows,

 4 Series Coupe from – 420i manual – R530 096, 420i auto – R548 198, 420d manual – R563 500, 420d auto – R582 400

4 Series Gran Coupe (5-door) from – 420i manual – R530 096, 420i auto – R548 198, 420d manual – R564 000, 420d auto – R582 900

4 Series Convertible from – 420i manual – R624 850, 420i auto – R642 724