Secrets …

It’s not easy going through this wondering what people might say when they find out. I had to convince myself that there was nothing wrong with it at first. I went as far as practicing the whole thing by myself standing in front of the mirror. That was my thing back in high school, practice until you perfect it, so it wasn’t really as weird anymore standing by the mirror.

I had anticipated how it might be, I have this tendency of laughing at serious situations and I laugh uncontrollably as if it’s a joke by Trevor Noah. I actually loved the thought and did not care about people for a few seconds until my shy nature decided to show up again but hey, you only live once.

I think I was in my teenage years, I had flawless skin, a beautiful body, personality and brains to go with it, so I wasn’t your typical average blonde girl. I was so confident, nobody could tell me anything, they still can’t. Quite honestly, I didn’t know that someone who was way older had taken notice, hell, I didn’t think anyone was actually paying attention.

Years went by and with my ignorant self, I still thought that no one actually noticed me besides the people I hung out with. I was in a lesson and everything was smooth sailing until the end of the lesson. I got a text from an anonymous number, I entertained it until I just couldn’t continue without knowing who I was communicating with, so I asked and boy was I shocked….

It was my teacher. I thought how? I mean how could he possibly have my number, who did this? I was so upset. I had no interested in what was about to happen or could have been a possibility at that time, I was on a mission to find out who gave him my number! It was my friend, I laughed at first in disbelief and then it was on. I think after what I said, our friendship nearly ended, and the damn teacher was so persistent, even after my attempts to show that I wasn’t interested.

I somehow managed to convince myself that there was nothing wrong with the texting. The conversations were now about the lessons, I was in my final year by this time, I had to use it to my advantage. Until of course, I got to know him, I know, it’s weird. Yes, we had what you may call as a ‘relationship”, this is where the practicing in the mirror comes in, I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.

I was so nervous and uncomfortable and I called it quits after 3months …