Note To Self …

I’ve learned a few things about love. I’ve also learned to discern between love and infatuation. Some lessons more cruel than others. Some moments more endearing and heart felt but what’s important is that they were all appreciated.

I’ve learned that to love another and appreciate being loved really does start from within. Not just one’s physical flaws but your inner demons as well. To learn from them, amend where necessary and accept those you can not fix. I’ve learned that love requires sacrifice. Be it something as essential as time or even things of less significance. I’ve learned that one should be able and willing to sacrifice without expecting the world in return. Sometimes we fail to recognize the sacrifices being made for us because we fixate our minds on evaluating how much we give and what is being done to match it, we don’t recognize other people’s efforts.

Love lies in the things said, the small efforts made to make your heart smile, and sometimes if you listen carefully, you might even hear it in the things unsaid.

I’ve learned that love is a joyful feeling when experienced with the right person. It will take you places you’ve never been. Love will leave you raging in all sorts of ghastly and vile emotions every once in while and yet, in the midst of it all, your heart will be content. I’ve learned that love should inspire you. That when you are loved and loved right, you are free.

Love has taught me forgiveness and its value. It taught me that there’s more to it than candles and roses. It lies in the rain, the hail and stormy winds too. I’ve learned that giving love doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be reciprocated and that if you do find yourself in such a predicament, accept it and find healing from it. Allow yourself to move on because you’ve done your part. All you can do is love, the rest is up to them. When all is said and done, be at ease because you’ve learned something this world can’t take away.

I’ve learned that love shouldn’t leave you questioning your worth. It should nourish and protect. I’ve learned that when the former is being experienced instead of the later, you should respect and value yourself enough to detach your heart from it. I’ve learned that love requires patience. Be it wanting to be loved, learning to love again, wanting to give love or just to experience it for the first time. You can’t rush it. You can’t force it. Just let it be. Let yourself fall unknowingly.

I’ve come to know that love is a pleasure and that the greatest pleasure lies in giving it rather than receiving. It’s a feeling that liberates. A feeling that serenades the soul. Love makes all things brighter and some burdens lighter. Even the heaviest burdens are suddenly worth bearing.

I’ve learned that love, as beautiful and as mysterious as it can be, it will rip you apart. That love has the ability to leave you wrenched and cursing the day you took your first breath. Begging for the part of you they left with. It will leave you bitter, vowing never to love again. Yet, see, that right there is what’s amazing about this thing called love. We may love wholeheartedly but not everyone will love you and love you right. The challenge is to remain hopeful in love and remain open regardless of the pain you have endured or are enduring. That though removing yourself from chance may seem ideal, you miss out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Trust time in healing and in finding love. It does not matter how long you close yourself in with the hope that your next will be your last because heartbreak is inevitable but just as life’s other valuable lessons and trials, it moulds some of the wisest and strongest soldiers. I’ve learned that love… Love is a beautiful thing.

Therefore, love and let yourself be loved. Be it for a moment or a lifetime. Let love reign.❤

Writer: Mpho Kekana                   Photographer: Max Mogale