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Good Day

So I once asked my brother this question and he gave me an answer I sort of accepted because I mean he’s a guy so he must know right??? Right!?? Lol. But I’ve decided to ask Marvin because once again I’m having lunch with a friend and we are having a conversation about the same thing about a different couple this time…

My question seems simple enough to me “why do men choose to discover years later, sometimes kids and a marriage later that they love someone else and now they just can’t live without them

I am using the word “Choose” because it seems like it’s what they are doing… Sit down and decide that so and so still got it and maybe we can still kick it!!!
I mean in three years I’ve seen this happen to at least four couples I know.
I just need to know why?

Monica #MarvinKindaGirl

Marvin said …

What everyone needs to understand is that you will never get someone that’s perfect and when I say perfect I mean a perfect partner that will understand and get everything about you. Another is growth, I wouldn’t advice settling down too early (anything under 25), I strongly believe that everyone needs to explore what they want and what works for them. Now that we have that out of the way …

I believe that people go back to their ex’s because they wanted something different and they got it and it didn’t work out the way they envisioned it to be. Sometimes people go back to their previous lovers when the current relationship gets hard, because they now remember what they had but forget what made them leave/break up in the first place. Then there is the 80/20 rule – this is when an 80 looks like a 20 and when a 20 looks like an 80. Maybe you keep in contact with your ex’s and you keep on reminiscing the good times you guys had and you start to believe that you have made the wrong decision with the current lover.

Sometimes we do fall out of love and these things do happen as well, but in general, we leave because we don’t know what we want really or we want everything.

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