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Gone are the days when you say your vows, dance with the family and hop onto a plane for weeks of island bliss as a honeymoon. Sure, that sounds about right, but we did it differently. We had two weddings right after each other; on the 22nd of December was our “white” wedding, we then […]

Mali is Magical

George Gladwin: Hi Lerato… Lerato Mogoatlhe:Hi, how you be? George Gladwin: Me, I’m OK… For a second there I thought you were ignoring me, but otherwise I’m cool. Lerato Mogoatlhe: Same here, sorry about disappearing last week, SMSed, but ha, it turns out none of my texts to SA numbers made it. No, I was thinking […]

Malawi (Part 2)

MUSIC & LIGHTS Salim, who I’ve been rolling with for the last two days tells me about Q Malewezi who is both the Managing Director of a local magazine called Abstrak Beatz, and, apparently, the only “real” producer Malawi has. I call his office to find out if we can meet, and him and his […]

Malawi (Part 1)

We know the saying about “when in Rome”, but what about when in Lilongwe? On a brief hiatus from Jozi-living and all it’s trappings, Lelethu discovered her hippie side and became one with the locals. And, in the end, she discovered more about herself, her peers and the continent, than she’d expected. (This was to […]

South Africans Travel Too – Mpumalanga

Join in as #SAfricansTravelToo discover the surprising world class gem Tomjachu Bush Retreat and reinvented Southern flair in Mzansi’s Lowveld, Mpumalanga. For the fourth installment of #SAfricansTravelToo, we recently took a road trip to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Myself and fellow traveler, Lelo Boyana had visions of frolicking in waterfalls, eating pancakes and soaking up tranquil vistas. […]

South Africans Travel Too – Zambia

This is the third instalment of ‘South Africans Travel Too’, since its inception at the Jaguar F-Pace media launch in the Eastern Cape. Honestly, I am starting to see this entity shaping up into something bigger than all three of us could have ever imagined. Even the people who are part of this travel group […]

City of Dreams: New York

I waited for an hour for customs to clear my luggage and I think it was because I had Sharpeville beers and some snacks for Gugu from South Africa in my luggage. I see an ATM at the airport and I withdraw $100 because I need to take the train to Harlem. Now I have […]

Broaden Your Horizons in Paris

I’m proudly South African. Despite the trials and tribulations we regularly encounter our potential outweighs the darkness of our past. We can’t deny the effects our history has had on us wether we acknowledge it or not. We still carry the burdens of yesterday upon our shoulders. The weight can sometimes feel suffocating and cloud […]

This is Exactly why Travel is the Best Life Investment

I dare you. Type in the words “lazy, entitled and bad with money” in Google, and the most common term that will pop up from the search results is Millennials.  However considering Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent commencement speech at Harvard, better adjectives for our generation exist, that should probably make the news more often. They include, global citizen; change […]

South Africans Travel Too: The Kingdom of Lesotho

I am in an uncomfortable space right now, a lot of things are happening and a lot is changing and it seems like I’m living in a world where I’m the spectator of my own movie, but at the same time I’m in the movie. When I am in this space I usually take some […]