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Young Professional Association Re-Boot Camp

It is very difficult to pin down what exactly it means to be a modern man in the modern world. The definitions are broad, varied and quite subjective yet so specific as to almost make a him a creature of myth. But what is ubiquitous with these checklists is a trait every man must possess: self-definition. […]

Entrepreneurship Will Forever Change How You Think About Money

She has been crowned as an innovator and future business leader by Forbes. Bill Gates mentioned her as one of the millennials making a tremendous difference in their communities.  And the list of global  business awards that she has achieved is endless- and keeps on accumulating. She has launched two successful businesses that have received international accolades.  The […]

What Happened to Motorola?

I am watching a Netflix series called Genius, this series traces bold advances that grew out of competition between great thinkers, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and other rival duos. You realize the importance of competition in the technology industry and if you do not adapt quick enough you will become obsolete. We have […]

What Jay-Z’s ‘Footnotes for 4:44’ reveals about celebrity relationships — and our own

Jay-Z’s latest album, “4:44,” has been praised for openly displaying his emotional vulnerability, most evident in the title track. “Footnotes for 4:44,” released Monday afternoon on Tidal, is an 11-minute video that takes this effort further, enlisting several famous men of color to dissect their relationships on camera. Publicity ploy or not, it’s refreshing to hear these honest reflections […]

Marvel’s Black Panther

When I was in college my feature and review studies lecturer made us watch Sun Ra: A joyful noise. The rare short film directed by Robert Mugge, is part historical documentary and part explorative fiction. I opens with Sun ra on a non-descript rooftop wearing purple headgear, antennas sticking out. He is flanked by devotees […]

Transformation — the proverbial workhorses have bolted

I spent an entire weekend writing and deleting and repeating the process, trying to find the most diplomatic way to put these words together. But then I thought, “But that’s exactly the problem, isn’t it?” Isn’t it strange that we’re asking this question when the proverbial workhorses have bolted? That we have had to wait […]

Ahmed Kathrada – Then and Now (Documetary)

Ahmed Kathrada passed away in his sleep early this morning – bringing an end to a life fully lived. The ANC stalwart died at the age of 87. Today POWER remembers Kathrada – with a documentary – THEN AND NOW. “When Walter died I lost a father and now I have lost a brother my life […]

Netflix: The Monster That’s Eating Hollywood

The streaming-video service is hogging talent and pushing up prices, spurring pushback from rival TV producers who once saw it as a partner; 70 new titles this year Tara Flynn, a rising star at a TV production unit of 21st Century Fox, walked into her boss’s office last August and told him she was quitting […]

Sharpeville and Langa Massacres

Let’s take a moment to remember why we’re not working today. It was 1960. Verwoerd’s government had enacted new pass laws saying that black men had to carry, at all times, a dompas, which contained permission from white employers – temporary and revocable – to be in “white” cities. Failure to produce a pass at […]

When Can Black People Emerge From ‘Emerging Markets’?

I’m exhausted and saddened by what happens on a daily basis in Corporate South Africa. I’m one of the few brownies who work in corporate South Africa and some of the things I hear and see leave me deflated. TIA. This is Africa. An acronym I feel usually rears its head to describe something negative […]