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Opening Up Industry One Stitch At A Time

With a global population of ± 7.6 billion; youths between the ages of 15 and 29 currently constitute the largest group in the world, accounting for a third of the world’s population. In turn, contributing to a phenomenon called the ‘youth bulge’. The positive in this lies in the fact that youths from the ages […]

Swizz Beatz Pop-Culture through Collaborative Influence with a Cause

Swizz Beatz pop-culture through collaborative influence with a cause With a career spanning two decades, the 2010 BET producer of the year Kaseem Dean (Swizz Beatz) has risen to become an iconic figure and a change-maker in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Fusing worlds, cultures and brands through the art of collaboration as he pioneers […]

Louis Vuitton go Off-White with Abloh as Men’s Head Designer

  With 4.5m + social media followers Ghanaian American born designer, DJ and creative Virgil Abloh. On the 25th March Set shockwaves through the social media world, with the announcement of his appointment as the new men’s Artistic Director for French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The 37-year old art director’s creative works include. Art directing […]

Shoes for The Marvin Man

My late grandfather was the greatest man I have had the privilege of knowing. As is typical of a man from Pretoria, he dressed impeccable – right up until he passed on. I was forever in awe of him and my grandmother, who never ever left the house looking nothing less than incredible, a sign […]

Handcrafted Leather Goods

There is nothing better than discovering fellow entrepreneurs who are doing amazing work and when I say amazing – you don’t have to even ask around you can see the work. Building the Marvin store has been one of the most difficult tasks we have undertaken as company, difficult not because it’s impossible, but rather […]

Marvin’s Spring Look-Book

It has sprung and it is time to put a pep-in-your spring. This part of the season has been a happy tune to me. Growing up as a kid and playing in the rain after school was everything to any child. The sun is up, wind blowing humid and rain showering kisses of delight to […]

Time Pieces for The Marvin Man

Perpetual investment can be risky at times. It takes the know-how and pure instinct to hover around the riverside, that is fish-full. Timepieces. They have become an important extension to a gentleman’s maturity, Stature and overall elegance. While they are resembling evolutionary of craftsmanship. There is a pool of collectors as there are collections. With […]

Wardrobe Adjustments For The Marvin Men

As a young man I have always wondered as to how does a man, become wardrobe ready. It became a bliss for me, seeing fathers, uncles and Brothers dressed up at all times. Jeans, Pants, shirts, T-shirts, Jackets and shoes, clothe a man. This gave me the urge to wanna look good always. But as […]

Winter Fashion Pieces For The Marvin Man

  I have always seen Winter as the season which requires bravery, the grey skies always bring with the feelings of wanting to hibernate and kicking it in front of the TV with the whiff of your favourite soup permeating through the house. However we all know that we need to brave the cold and […]

The Marvin Man’s Guide to the Quintessential Bachelor Pad

There was once a time when the term “Bachelor pad” conjured up images of ill paired pieces of furniture, plastic beer cups and incomplete dinnerware and cutlery sets. While this may still be the reality for most men in their early 20’s, it shouldn’t for the stylish modern man running the streets of Joburg. Whether […]