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The World Needs Marvin.

At no other point in our history has the definition of masculinity come into question as has become apparent recently. What has long been held as the quintessential mark of what makes a man, has come undone under the realities of the devastating harm that the misinterpretation of what masculinity is can cause in our […]

Breaking Boundaries – Kagiso Rabada

As one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Sean Carter, once said, “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”. In many ways, numbers are what shape sport. They take a series of activities set within certain parameters and they give those activities form. With no words, numbers in sport are like chisels that carve memorable […]

Harmony. Mastered From Chaos – Thapelo Mokoena

In many ways, the entertainment industry is a fickle one. As much as we as the audience love, and love to hate, the people we see on the screen, our curious human-nature always yearns to peek behind the curtain. Also, as much as we love to see our favourite stars rise, we are not averse […]

The Difficult Miracle of Riky Rick

It’s a hot summer night in Umlazi. Max’s lifestyle one of the premier music venues in the area is packed to the rafters. Riky Rick is at the tail end of his set. The place is a mosh pit as young hypebeasts in five panel caps and girls in flower crowns and high waste jeans […]

Kojo Baffoe – Life Aficionado …

There are innumerable definitions of what the measure of a modern man is; each one has a brush wielded by subjective hand seeking to land a mark on an already soaked canvas of pop-opinion. However, there are men who don’t wait for society to paint a picture of who they should be. These are men […]

Nelson Makamo: The Art of Business

In Art To see Nelson Makamo’s work is to bear witness to brush strokes that carry a life like energy and vibrancy. It is to instantly remember some of the fondest memories of your childhood. As one avid fan of his work once described it, ‘his work is like the sound of the ice cream truck […]

Marvin Kinda Guy: Muziwethu Mtshali aka Tha Muzik …

Victor Hugo once said, ‘all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come‘. In the South Africa of circa 2015, something powerful has come. An idea that had been thought to be a foregone myth, yet one that has risen up and left shook the very foundations […]

Marvin Kinda Guy: Tebogo Moalusi …

It is very difficult to pin down what exactly it means to be a modern man in 2015. The definitions are broad, varied and quite subjective yet so specific as to almost make a him a creature of myth. But what is ubiquitous with these checklists is a trait every man must possess: self-definition. Even the […]

Dj Kenzhero: The Reluctant King …

Dj Kenzhero seems to defy the gravitational pull of a treacherous and fickle entertainment industry. His presence is so solid that it is difficult to imagine the music scene without him. He seems to occupy an entire league of dj’ing all by himself which, all the while he maintains a mystery that is starkly contrasted by his sets which […]